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Misappropriated or Misused School Funds

Section 406.1 | Board Report 94-0727-RS6 | Date Adopted July 27, 1994

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  1. Any local school funds determined to have been misused, misappropriated or otherwise to have violated the School Internal Accounts Manual, Board policy or applicable city, state or federal laws or regulations shall be restored by the responsible school personnel whenever possible, notwithstanding any disciplinary action the Board may deem to be warranted.
  2. If restoration by the responsible school personnel does not occur, legal measures may be authorized by the Attorney, in consultation with the General Superintendent of Schools, Chief Financial Officer and Internal Auditor, to be taken against the responsible school personnel to recover said funds. Under appropriate circumstances and with the Attorney's approval, the services of a collection agency may be used to recover funds from the parties responsible for their misappropriation or misuse.
  3. This Resolution is effective immediately upon its adoption.

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Amends/Rescinds Amends 86-0625-RS1
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