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Green Cleaning

Section 410.8 | Board Report 08-0827-PO6 | Date Adopted August 27, 2008

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That the Chicago Board of Education (“the Board) rescind Board Report 05-0928-PO1 and adopt a new Green Cleaning Policy.


The purpose of this policy is to comply with the Illinois Green Cleaning Schools Act (105 ILCS 140), which requires schools to exclusively purchase and use environmentally-sensitive cleaning supplies in accordance with the State of Illinois Guidelines and Specifications for the Green Cleaning Schools Act (“State Guidelines”) and related provisions of the Illinois Administrative Code.


  • Introduction: It shall be the policy of Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”) to maintain clean, safe, healthy schools and Board facilities and eliminate contaminants that affect children and adult health, performance and attendance. CPS is committed to the implementation of cleaning processes and supplies that protect children and adult health without harming the environment.
  • Categories of Cleaning Supply Products: For cleaning supplies in the following categories, schools, area offices, central offices and Board facilities shall purchase and utilize environmentally sensitive cleaning products:
    1. Bathroom Cleaners – products used to clean hard surfaces in a bathroom such as counters, walls, floors, fixtures, basins, tubs or tile.
    2. Carpet Cleaners – products used to eliminate dirt and stains on rugs and carpeting.
    3. General Purpose and Hard floor Surface Cleaners – products used for routine cleaning of hard surfaces, including impervious flooring such as concrete or tile. This category does not include products intended primarily to strip, polish or wax floors and it does not include cleaners intended primarily for cleaning toilet bowls, dishes, laundry, upholstery or wood.
    4. Glass, Window and Mirror Cleaners – are products used to clean glass, windows, mirrors or metallic or polished surfaces.
    5. Hand Cleaners and Hand Soaps – are products used for routine, non-specialized hand cleaning.
    6. Paper Products – are paper towels or other paper used for cleaning and do not include toilet paper, facial tissue or paper towels used for drying hands.
    7. Such other categories as may be identified in the State Guidelines
  • Product Designations: A school, area offices, central office or Board facility shall be deemed to be in compliance the requirement to use environmentally sensitive cleaning products if the school solely uses products carrying one of the following designations:
    1. Certified by Green Seal
    2. Certified by Environmental Choice EcoLogo Program
    3. For chemicals: Recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment Formulator Program, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
    4. For Paper Products: In compliance with the IS Environmental Protection Agency Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for Commercial and Industrial Sanitary Tissue.
  • Implementation: This policy mandates the use of green cleaning supplies by schools, area offices central offices and other Board owned facilities. Each principal and administrator, with his/her staff, shall incorporate Green Cleaning requirements into their school’s maintenance and cleaning program. The Department of Procurement and Contracts shall establish a district-wide purchasing contract(s) that enables schools to purchase green cleaning supplies that comply with the requirements of this policy.

Policy References

Amends/Rescinds Rescinds 05-0928-PO1
Cross References  
Legal References Green Cleaning Schools Act 105 ILCS 140 et seq.; 23 Illinois Administrative Code 2800.10 et seq.; State of Illinois Guidelines and Specifications for the Green Cleaning Schools Act.

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