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Remote Education

Section 602.6 | Board Report 21-0825-PO2 | Date Adopted August 25, 2021

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That the Chicago Board of Education (“Board”) adopt a new Remote Education Policy on a final basis. The Board adopted the policy on an interim basis at the June 23, 2021 Board Meeting and the policy was posted for public comment from June 25, 2021 to July 26, 2021 (Board Report 21-0623-PO4).


The purpose of this policy is to provide processes and procedures to create an equitable, responsive, and flexible remote education policy that governs the management of the Chicago Public School’s remote education program. It is the intent of the Board to have remote learning be an essential part of how we educate our students in future school years. The CEO or designee will work with stakeholders to promulgate Guidelines to define how remote learning will work for each school year. These Guidelines will include but are not limited to who is best suited to enroll in a remote learning program, the structure of the program itself, and enrollment policies pertaining to the program.

Equity Statement

The CPS remote education program will be grounded in equity and deliver a high-quality education to all enrolled students. Guidelines will be developed to ensure an equity lens is used during planning and implementation.

Text of Policy

This policy will provide guidance for a remote educational program to be established for families and students based on individual needs. A remote educational program is an educational program delivered to qualifying students in the home or other location outside of a school building that meets all of the criteria in this Policy.

  • Criteria and Approval Process

    • Criteria. The CEO or designee is authorized to approve students for participation in the remote education program when the student:
      • Is properly enrolled in the District pursuant to the Board’s Enrollment and Transfer of Students in the Chicago Public Schools Policy.
      • Can show how the remote educational program best serves the student’s individual learning, living situation, and/or medical needs as defined in the Remote Education Guidelines.
      • Has an attendance, discipline, and academic record qualifying the individual student for remote education as defined in the Remote Education Guidelines.
    • Approval Process. Each individual student will be required to have a written application submitted to participate in the remote educational program if the parent(s) or guardian(s) believe it to be in the student’s best interest.
      • If the student has an individualized education program (IEP) the IEP team will need to meet and approve the student’s placement in a remote educational program.
  • Curriculum and Instruction

    • Curriculum will be aligned with the Illinois State Learning Standards.
    • Specialized instruction and related services, when applicable, will be provided in accordance with a student’s IEP, 504 Plan or Remote Learning Plan with any modifications to those services determined by the IEP team.
    • Instruction and educational experiences will be consistent with those given to students at the same grade level in the district.
    • Instructors will be certified under Article 21 of Illinois School Code. Instructors will be responsible for the following elements of the program:
      • Planning instruction,
      • Diagnosing learning needs,
      • Prescribing content delivery through class activities,
      • Assessing learning,
      • Reporting outcomes to administrators and parents/guardians,
      • Evaluating the effects of instruction, and
      • Ensure that teachers create content that meets IDEA requirements.
  • Individual Remote Educational Plans

    • Per the Guidelines, staff will develop a written remote educational plan addressing resource and access needs for each student participating in the program to ensure equity and transparency.
    • A student’s parent or guardian must be consulted in the development of the remote educational plan.
    • If applicable, a student’s IEP team must be consulted in drafting the remote educational plan.
    • The CEO or designee will certify that remote education plans meet the requirements of the remote program.
  • Student Participation

    • Student participation will not extend beyond 12 months, unless the student’s participation is extended by the District via the process stated in the Remote Education Guidelines.
    • Student participation in all assessments administered by the Board pursuant to State and federal law and Board policy is required.
  • Renewal

    • The Remote Education Guidelines will be reviewed, updated, and renewed annually by the CEO or designee.
  • Delegated Authority

    The Board authorizes the CEO or designee to create Remote Education Guidelines. These Guidelines will be updated each school year and will outline which students qualify for a remote educational program, what the application process is, and any limitations on the number of students or grade levels that may participate, among other information. The Remote Education Guidelines will ensure there is consideration of equitable opportunities for student access.

  • Calendar Days

    The remote educational program will operate on any calendar day, regardless of whether the day is a day of pupil attendance or institute day on the school district’s calendar or any other provision of law restricting instruction on that day. Each student’s participation in a remote educational program will be classified as a year-round or a non-year-round schedule. Outside of the regular school term, the remote educational program may be offered as part of any summer school program authorized by the Board.

Policy References

Cross References  
Legal References 105 ILCS 5/10-29
Final This Policy was adopted on a Final basis at the August 25, 2021 Board Meeting [Board Report 21-0825-PO2].
Public Comment Pursuant to Board Rule 2-6 this Policy was subject to Public Comment from 6/24/21 – 7/24/21 and was Adopted on an interim basis at the June 23, 2021 Board Meeting [Board Report 21-0623-PO4]

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