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Cursive Writing Instruction

Section 604.9 | Board Report 24-0222-PO3 | Date Adopted February 22, 2024

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That the Board amend the Cursive Writing Instruction Policy as part of the Board’s biennial policy review process. This policy was posted for public comment from December 15, 2023 until January 16, 2024.


This policy will ensure compliance with Public Act 100-0548 which requires, beginning with the 2018-2019 school year: (1) that a unit of cursive writing instruction be offered to elementary students prior to completion of grade 5; and (2) that the Board establish, by policy, the grade level(s) in which CPS elementary students shall be offered cursive writing instruction.


CPS elementary schools shall offer at least one unit of instruction in cursive writing to students by the end of grade 4.

The cursive writing instruction shall promote a student’s fluency in both reading and writing cursive.

The Chief Education Officer or designee is authorized to issue curricular standards and instructional strategies to ensure the effective delivery of cursive writing instruction by CPS Elementary Schools.

Policy References

Amends/Rescinds Amends 18-0725-PO2
Cross References 20-0722-RS1 Resolution Regarding Cursive Writing Instruction Policy in Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is Attached to the Policy
Legal References 105 ILCS 5/27-20.7
Public Comment Pursuant to Board Rule 2-6 this Policy was subject to Public Comment from 12/15/23 – 1/16/24.

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