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Use of Momentary Physical Interventions With Students

Section 705.7 | Board Report 08-0723-PO4 | Date Adopted July 23, 2008

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That the Board adopt a new Policy on the Use of Momentary Physical Interventions with Students.


The Illinois School Code directs the Board to establish procedures for the use of student interventions using reasonable force as needed to maintain student and staff safety. The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements, restrictions and procedures related to the use momentary physical interventions with students.


  • Definition: Momentary physical intervention refers to the temporary physical restriction of a student using limited force by direct person-to-person contact or the temporary restriction of a student’s movements, without the aid of material or mechanical devices.
  • Use: School staff may employ a momentary physical intervention with any student (including students with disabilities) in the following circumstances:
    1. in emergency situations to prevent a student from completing an act that would result in potential physical harm to himself or another or damage to property, or
    2. to remove a disruptive student who is unwilling to voluntarily leave an area.

    Momentary physical interventions shall not be used as a means of punishment.

  • Procedures: The Chief Executive Officer or designee shall develop procedures and guidelines for the appropriate use of momentary physical interventions and reporting of incidents, as applicable.
  • Violations: Violations of this Policy, or the procedures and guidelines issued by the Chief Executive Officer or designee, are subject to discipline in accordance with the Employee Discipline and Due Process Policy.

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Legal References 105 ILCS 5/34-18.20; 105 ILCS 5/2-3.130; 105 ILCS 5/34-84a; Illinois Administrative Code 1.280, 1.285
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