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Student Information Management System

Section 706.4 | Board Report 04-1117-PO1 | Date Adopted November 17, 2004

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That the Chicago Board of Education (“Board”) adopt a new Policy to establish a single, comprehensive student information management system.


The purpose of this policy is to establish a single, comprehensive student information management system known as IMPACT. IMPACT will allow the District to maximize the use of electronic record information and will replace the current, outdated Student Information (“SI”) System as well as replace various locally-housed “cottage” systems that perform certain functions that the SI System is unable to perform. By identifying IMPACT as the authorized and approved electronic information management system for the Chicago Public Schools (“CPS”), the Board will ensure that IMPACT is fully implemented and utilized District wide.


I. Definitions

“IMPACT” means Instructional Management Program and Academic Communication Tool, an electronic information management system created for the Chicago Public Schools.

“Cottage System” means any locally-housed electronic system and/or software that performs functions that (1) the SI System has been unable to perform, and (2) are similar or duplicative to IMPACT.

“Commission” means the Local Records Commission of Cook County.

II. Introduction

IMPACT provides electronic tools and information maintenance resources in three primary areas: (A) student information, (B) specialized services management, and (C) curriculum and instructional management. Specifically, IMPACT will provide electronic tools for recording and measuring student information in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, the following: (1) Registration and Enrollment, (2) Attendance, (3) Grade Reporting and Standardized Testing, (4) Transportation, (5) Scheduling, (6) Discipline and Student Behavior, (7) After School Services, (8) Alternative Programs, (9) Student Health, (10) Lesson Planning, and (11) Specialized Services (IEP).

The primary goals and benefits of IMPACT include:

  • The implementation of cost-saving measures (as authorized by 105 ILCS 5/34-3.3(ii)) through the elimination of Cottage Systems and their accompanying support and software fees;
  • The continued dedication to enhanced and extended instruction time resulting from more efficient and advanced technology resources;
  • The assurance of compliance with state and federal regulations as a means to secure the highest level of financial support through accurate and timely reporting;
  • Enhanced educational development and services though readily accessible information; and
  • The uniform application and enforcement of Board policies.

III. Authorized System of Record

IMPACT will serve as the CPS authorized and approved electronic system of record and as such will be utilized by each school and unit within the District. Upon deployment of IMPACT at each unit and school within the District, information that relates to CPS student information, specialized services management and curriculum and instructional management will be maintained electronically in IMPACT when specified. Electronic records located on IMPACT will replace paper records upon the Commission’s approval of the retention schedule for such electronic records. In accordance with state laws and Board policies (including the Retention and Management of Business Records, # 01-0725-PO3 and the Guidelines for Maintenance of Student Records, # 01-0328-PO2 as such policies may be amended from time to time), the Commission shall review and approve retention periods for each electronic record series and also provide written approval prior to records disposal.

IV. Cottage Systems

Upon deployment of IMPACT at each CPS unit or school, the use of Cottage System software that provides the same or similar functionality as IMPACT is strictly prohibited. Upon deployment of IMPACT at each CPS unit or school, no such Cottage Systems may be used or maintained except as approved in writing by the Chief Information Officer (“CIO”). Non-SI System data, including student information, specialized services management, curriculum management or instructional management information, that exists on any Cottage System and has a corresponding place in IMPACT will be converted and populated into IMPACT. There will be a one-time only upload of information from a Cottage System into IMPACT. Once this upload is complete, schools/units will discontinue use of the Cottage System, except as approved by the CIO. Each school or unit will be responsible for working with their respective Cottage System vendor to convert this data to a format that is compatible with IMPACT as specified in the data standards and guidelines issued by the Office of Technology Services (“OTS”). Once converted, the OTS IMPACT Team will upload this data to IMPACT. Instructions for this Cottage System conversion process will be provided by the Office of Technology Services to each school/unit in advance of IMPACT deployment. The CIO will issue guidelines to identify when a school may be authorized to renew their vendor agreement to maintain a Cottage System for the period that a school is awaiting implementation of IMPACT.

V. Implementation

OTS is responsible for overseeing the implementation, management and maintenance of IMPACT and this policy. In 2005, OTS will begin to deploy IMPACT throughout the District in phases by Area and unit. Each school and/or unit will begin using IMPACT when deployment at the unit level is complete. At this time, schools will discontinue use of the SI System and any Cottage System(s). A comprehensive training plan has been created by the OTS IMPACT Team and each school and/or unit will be trained appropriately on the IMPACT System in advance of deployment. Furthermore, an IMPACT Help Desk has been created to assist end users with technical questions relating to the use of IMPACT. Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Board’s Employee Discipline Rules and Policies.

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Legal References Local Records Act 50 ILCS 205/1 et seq.; 23 Ill. Admin. Code 375.10 et seq; 44 Ill. Admin. Code 4500.10, 4500.20, 4500.30, 4500.40; 105 ILCS 5/34-3.3(ii).

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