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Family Resource Centers

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Family Resource Centers are a place for all Chicago families seeking more information or in-person support on preschool enrollment. Our friendly staff will help you answer questions about your child’s application.

For families with a preschool placement at a Chicago Public Schools site,  we encourage families to contact and connect directly with the school where they received an offer to complete the verification and registration process. Families with a preschool placement at a community-based site will verify their documentation directly at the site location.

Alternatively, CPS offers Family Resource Centers (FRC) which are made available to families for application and verification support. FRC’s are conveniently located inside 8 Chicago Public Libraries and 1 CPS Administrative Office.

Hours vary, but include evening hours. Support is available by appointment only and will be available starting May 2024.

All summer visitors will have access to internet and computers. If a family would like to use a library computer, the user must have a library card. Anyone with a valid ID with name, photo and Chicago address can sign up for a library card on site.

Bilingual support available.

What is the application process?

Are you ready to apply for a preschool program for your 3- or 4-year-old? Learn about the process or call (312) 229-1690 with your questions.

To book an appointment for application support or verification:

  1. Click on the date 
  2. Click on an appointment time
  3. Click "Confirm"
  4. Once the appointment window opens, add your name and email address
  5. Click "Schedule Event"

Families are required to complete the CPS Health Screener for entry into Family Resource Centers and all CPS school buildings. After clicking the link, search the word “library” or the FRC name to submit the health screener for that location.

If you need assistance booking an appointment call the CEL hotline at (312) 229-1690.