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Non-Resident Pupils - Tuition

Section 5-12

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Pupils must reside within the limits of the City of Chicago to attend a Chicago Public School. For purposes of enrolling or completing enrollment in an Options for Knowledge school or program, a student must establish Chicago residency on or before July 1st prior to the start of the upcoming school year.

Pupils whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) do not reside within the limits of the City of Chicago and who are staying in Chicago for the primary purpose of attending Chicago Public Schools shall be considered non-resident pupils. The parent or legal guardian of a non-resident pupil determined to be in violation of this residency requirement shall be charged tuition as determined by the District’s Department of Revenue, in accordance with the Illinois School Code and the student is subject to transfer. Pupils who become non-resident during the school term shall not be charged tuition for the remainder of the school term in which they become non-resident.

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