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Board Oversight Of Procurement And Purchasing - Officer Accountability And Reporting On Delegated Authority

Section 7-14

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  • Contracting Plan. The Chief Procurement Officer (“CPO”) shall maintain a 12-month contracting plan which shall be included in a monthly Delegated Authority Report and published on the Board’s website that includes at minimum:
    • A list of each competitive solicitation reasonably anticipated to be advertised in the next 12-month period where the resulting contract will be valued between $250,000 and $500,000 per year; hemisphere
    • A list of each contract resulting from a competitive procurement solicitation, where such contract is valued between $250,000 and $500,000 per year, that is scheduled for renewal or extension in the next 12-month period; and,
    • Each list under (i) and (ii) above shall include: the type of solicitation, the MBE/WBE requirements in the published solicitation, the anticipated contract award date; the status of the solicitation and whether the contract will be exempt from MBE/WBE requirements.
  • The Board reserves the right to direct the Chief Executive Officer to submit proposed contracts valued between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Board for Board review and approval. The Board President must notify the Chief Executive Officer and the CPO at least two months prior to the contract being awarded that such contract must receive Board approval.
  • The CPO shall file a Delegated Authority Report with the Board by the last day of each month. The report shall be included on the Board’s public agenda for its next regular public meeting, reviewed by the Board and accepted by the Board at that meeting. The report shall list the following:
    • all contracts and purchase orders authorized and executed in the prior calendar month pursuant to the delegations of authority under Section 7-13;
    • all contracts automatically renewed in accordance with original board report;
    • all legal settlements entered and executed in the prior calendar month pursuant to the delegation of authority in Section 3-2 of these Rules;
    • all sole or single source contracts awarded with a value under $500,000.00 per year;
    • the term of each agreement if applicable;
    • the total cost of each agreement executed;
    • the type of solicitation used, where applicable; and,
    • MBE/WBE requirements contained in the executed agreement.

Rule References

Public Comment Pursuant to Board Rule 2-6 Chapter VII was subject to Public Comment from 2/17/23-3/17/23 and adopted at the April 26, 2023 Board Meeting [Board Report 23-0426-RU3].

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