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Concussion Management

Section 704.9 | Board Report 18-0822-PO3 | Date Adopted August 22, 2018

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That the Board rescind its current Concussion Management Policy, Board Report 11-0727-PO1 and adopt a new Concussion Management Policy.


The Board first adopted a Concussion Management Policy, Board Report 11-0727-PO1, on July 27, 2011. It is recommended that the 2011 policy be rescinded and a new policy be adopted for the following reasons: (1) to increase the scope of the policy to cover all students, including but not limited to student athletes, (2) to update the policy language to be consistent with new scientific understanding of concussions, and (3) to comply with amendments to two Illinois laws, the Interscholastic Organization Act and the Youth Concussion Safety Act.


The purpose of this policy is to safeguard Chicago Public School (CPS) students who have experienced concussions. This policy provides context and clarity for students, school personnel, and parents/guardians in the following ways: (1) identifying concussions, (2) managing students’ return to learn, and in the case of student athletes, return to play, and (3) complying with state law and concussion management requirements set forth by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA).


I. Applicability

This policy applies to all CPS students, including athletes or non-athletes, who experience concussions. This includes concussions in or out of school. With respect to athletics, this policy applies to all students who participate in CPS-sponsored intramural, interscholastic, after school, or summer programs, including programs offered by or through a Board contractor, vendor, or partner.

II. Definitions

  • Concussion: A traumatic brain injury that interferes with normal brain function. A student does not have to lose consciousness to have suffered a concussion. Signs and symptoms of a concussion may include the following:

    Dazed or stunned
    Memory Loss
    Impaired Speech
    Impaired consciousness
    Behavior or personality changes

    Nausea or vomiting
    Poor balance or dizziness
    Light or sound sensitivity
    Vision changes
    Neck Pain
    Change in sleep patterns
    Foggy, groggy, or confused
    Impaired concentration or memory

  • Concussion Supervisor: An employee appointed by each school principal to monitor compliance with state law and this policy
  • Licensed Health Care Professional: Physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois (M.D. or D.O.), Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), or Physician’s Assistant (PA)
  • Return to Learn: The steps and procedures required for a CPS student to safely return to the academic environment, including physical education, pursuant to the recommendation of a Licensed Health Care Professional
  • Return to Play: The steps and procedures required for a CPS student athlete to safely return to athletic participation pursuant to the recommendation of a Licensed Health Care Professional

III. Concussion Protocols

IV. Concussion Awareness Training

  • High School Athletic Directors and Coaches
    High school athletic directors and coaches must complete concussion awareness training and a Concussion Management Program Examination in accordance with IHSA requirements.
  • Elementary and Middle School Coaches
    Elementary and middle school coaches must complete concussion awareness training and submit appropriate certifying documentation in accordance with the requirements specified by the Director of Sports Administration.

V. Guidelines

The Chief Executive Officer or designee is authorized to issue Guidelines for the effective implementation of the requirements of this Policy.

VI. Compliance

Failure to comply with this Policy may subject employees to discipline up to and including dismissal.

Policy References

Amends/Rescinds Rescinds 11-0727-PO1
Cross References  
Legal References Interscholastic Organization Act, 105 ILSC 25, Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act, 410 ILSC 45, and Municipal Code of Chicago Chapter 7-22

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