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Chicago Public Schools is home to more than 470 elementary schools that offer a wide variety of program options to meet the academic interests of students. We want all of our families to attend the school that is the best fit for their needs, so students can either attend the general education program of the neighborhood school in the attendance boundary of their primary home address, or apply to attend any elementary school in the city that they are eligible for and that has available seats.

The Application Process is Divided into Three Phases:

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Summer 2022

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Fall 2022

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Spring 2023


  • Create an account and a family profile.
  • Find CPS schools and programs using multiple search and display options.
  • Find your neighborhood school using your computer or mobile phone’s geo-location.
  • View school profiles with detailed background, contact, performance, program, and admissions data.
  • Review a list of schools and programs to which the student is eligible to apply.
  • Learn about which schools are the best fit for your student.
  • Complete any pre-application requirements (tests, screens, etc…).



  • Attend virtual open house events.
  • Select and rank the schools and programs to which you'll apply.
  • Submit application.



  • Receive offers from schools you applied to, if applicable, and accept or decline them.
  • Participate in the Waitlist process if applicable.


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