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Stowe Eighth-Graders Raise the Bar with Impressive Accomplishments

06 December 2023

Elizabeth and Bryan have set a great example for the students who will follow in their footsteps. 

Stowe Students

Eighth-graders Elizabeth and Bryan are known for being some of the most well-rounded students at Stowe Dual Language School, and going above and beyond with their schoolwork is where they truly shine. Bryan’s favorite subject is science because he enjoys conducting experiments, so it’s no surprise that he has excelled with a recent science fair project. He and a partner compared the effectiveness of a Brita water filter and a homemade water filter made out of charcoal and cheesecloth. 

Elizabeth, on the other hand, is balancing her own science fair project while also working on history fair. Last year, she focused on her history fair project on feminism. She was encouraged by one of her judges to continue exploring this topic, so, this year, she is delving deeper into the First Feminist Congress of Yucatán, an important turning point for women’s rights in Mexico. 

While these projects reflect how committed both students are to succeeding academically, they note that this is only because the environment at Stowe has pushed them to grow year after year—Elizabeth started at the school in pre-k and Bryan did so in kindergarten. 

For example, Elizabeth says that math is currently her favorite subject, viewing it as a fun and challenging puzzle. However, she explains that it used to be her least favorite subject until her older brother started helping her with it. This support empowered her to feel more comfortable asking her teachers for help, and, now, she views Ms. Carrillo, her math teacher for the past two years, as an excellent resource. 

Bryan, on the other hand, notes that his growth has mostly revolved around the social-emotional side of being a student. He says that he has become more social and talkative over the years and has made many new friends by being more comfortable getting to know his peers. He says that the qualities he looks for in a friend are trust, as well as someone who is funny but also takes their academics seriously. 

Art pieces at Stowe Dual Language School

Stowe Principal Jimmy Lugo describes both of them as “giants” even though he notes they are very soft-spoken and respectful. He refers to them in this way because of the amazing legacy he believes they are going to leave at the school. While this legacy is certainly tied to their academic accomplishments, he also commends them for how they have gotten involved outside of the classroom. 

He says that Elizabeth has been a star in the school’s Guitar Club, while Bryan has been a part of the school’s Art Club for many years. He wants both of them to continue building on the skills that have gotten them to where they are and building relationships with those around them while not changing who they are. 

Both of them are admittedly a little nervous about starting high school, but a big confidence boost has come their way as they both received the Daniel Murphy Scholarship, a scholarship for Chicago students who have demonstrated academic excellence. 

They also know that the community at Stowe will continue cheering them on even after they begin high school. This is a school that has brought them so many positive memories—from field trips to Springfield to assemblies to all the fun they’ve had with their friends. Those memories will serve as a strong foundation as they prepare to go to a new school and form new bonds. 

But their time at Stowe isn’t over just yet, and they still have goals that are keeping their eyes pointed toward the future. Bryan is looking forward to graduating, and so is Elizabeth—she hopes to do so as the school’s valedictorian. To work toward this goal, she hopes to maintain straight As for the rest of the year by asking her teachers for help with assignments when needed and retaking tests when she can. 

Asking for help is one of the key pieces of advice that Elizabeth would give to Stowe’s future eighth-graders, while Bryan wants to remind them to keep going even when things get hard. They are both extremely grateful for all of the support and friendship they’ve received from their families, teachers, and peers, and they’re going to make the Stowe community proud for many years to come.

Photo of Stowe Dual Language School

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