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23 February 2024

Take Five with Chrishan David, English and AP African American Studies Teacher at Gwendolyn Brooks High School

Two years ago, Ms. David became one of 60 educators to teach the AP African American Studies Pilot 1 program, offering students a rich introduction to African American history and culture. 

22 February 2024

My Experience as a Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

By Davidd Alvarez, 2023 Graduate of George Washington High School

21 February 2024

Get to Know Luke, a Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

Luke feels confident that this program is exactly what he needs to help him achieve future success. 

16 February 2024

Take Five with Yehiri Gonzalez: Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

Throughout her time with Teach Chicago Tomorrow, Yehiri has fully immersed herself in every opportunity available to her.

15 February 2024

Meet the Exceptional School Counseling Team at Chicago Academy High School

This team is known for taking care of both the heads and the hearts of the school's students and staff. 

13 February 2024

Eight Questions with A Veteran CPS Social Worker

Ms. Brown is known as a loving and caring person who goes out of her way to help students. 

09 February 2024

Take Five with the Northwest Middle School Counseling Team

Ms. Elizabeth Martin and Ms. Allison Manasse work together to have a hugely positive impact on the students they serve.

08 February 2024

Growing from a CPS Student to a CPS Teacher to a CPS Counselor

Ms. Marsh feels an immense responsibility to build a personal relationship with each of her students. 

06 February 2024

Being the Mentor Who I Would Have Looked Up To

By Ms. Tierra Smith, Kindergarten Teacher at McNair School of Excellence

02 February 2024

Take Five with the Student Council Civics Club at Hyde Park Academy

The Student Council Civics Club is organized around giving students an opportunity to have a voice, develop leadership skills, and engage with their community.

31 January 2024

Encouraging My Students to Look at Math with a New Perspective

By Ms. Sarah Azzarello, Middle School Math Teacher at Revere Elementary School

30 January 2024

Creating a Classroom Environment that Helps My Bilingual Students Excel

By Ms. Marisela Lugo, Third Grade Bilingual Teacher at Schubert Elementary School