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22 February 2024

My Experience as a Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

By Davidd Alvarez, 2023 Graduate of George Washington High School

21 February 2024

Get to Know Luke, a Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

Luke feels confident that this program is exactly what he needs to help him achieve future success. 

02 February 2024

Take Five with the Student Council Civics Club at Hyde Park Academy

The Student Council Civics Club is organized around giving students an opportunity to have a voice, develop leadership skills, and engage with their community.

11 January 2024

Meet Two Exceptional Students Helping Promote Student Voice at Their School

Kimora and Rakiyah are both members of their Student Voice Committee and have also become great friends. 

09 January 2024

Eighth-Grade Student at Gresham School of Excellence Reflects on the Positive Impact He Has Made on Those Around Him

Ryan has been a positive influence on his peers since he joined the Gresham community in fourth grade.

20 December 2023

Learning All About a Fantastic Third-Grade Student at Gillespie Elementary School

Alanah thinks her school is amazing. 

19 December 2023

My School’s Welcoming Culture Inspired Me to Do My Best

By Emma D., Eighth-Grade Student at Edison Park Elementary School

14 December 2023

Canty Seventh-Grader Commended for Exemplifying School’s Community Pillars

Perry's biggest accomplishment of seventh grade so far has been getting all of his work done and maintaining good grades.

12 December 2023

How My Elementary School Helped Me Become More Mature

By Jaiden S., Eighth-Grade Student at Dvorak School of Excellence

07 December 2023

Meet Burke Elementary School’s Math Wizard of the Month

Kaleb says that while his algebra class has been challenging, it's also a lot of fun once you get it down. 

06 December 2023

Stowe Eighth-Graders Raise the Bar with Impressive Accomplishments

Elizabeth and Bryan have set a great example for the students who will follow in their footsteps. 

29 November 2023

Phillips High School Senior Passes the $1 Million Mark in College Scholarships

Desean has excelled as both a student and an athlete.