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Learning All About a Fantastic Third-Grade Student at Gillespie Elementary School

20 December 2023

Alanah thinks her school is amazing. 

Gillespie Student

Alanah will be the first person to tell you that she’s grown quite a bit since her first day at Gillespie Technology Magnet Cluster School on Chicago’s South Side. She says that she was three years old back then and is in third grade now. Over the years she’s gotten bigger, her hair has grown, and she’s lost a few teeth. She also believes her personality has improved for the better. 

Gillespie staff view her as a great member of the Gillespie community and note that she is off to a strong start this school year both academically and socially. Get to know her more below. 

What are your interests both inside and outside of the classroom? 

I like math. I like to be in the classroom with my friends and my teacher. Right now, we’re learning a new strategy for subtraction and addition. It’s been going well. Outside of school, I like to dance. I like to play my piano. I like to watch TV. And I like to eat. 

How has this school year been going so far? 

Good. I have As and Bs on my report card. My teacher always gives me good feedback. It reminds me of last year when my teacher told me that I was being as good as I had ever been. 

DSC_0334 (1).jpg

How would you describe your teacher? 

My teacher this year is Ms. Macy. She’s beautiful. She’s intelligent. She has long hair, too. Her desk is full of adventures. She has a dog. She went to college. She went to Paris. She went to a lot of places. I see her as an inspiration. 

Are there any subjects you could grow in even further? 

Reading. My mom says that I don’t like to read, but I do like to read. I do read because I want to, but I think I could improve my reading a little bit. It reminds me of riding a bike. One time I fell off my bike because I was going too fast, and my mom told me to be more careful. If I practice my reading more, I can get better. 

What are some of your goals for the future? 

Getting into a good high school and college. My perfect college would have art, computers, a basketball court, a dance studio, a tennis court, and a dog shelter. I love dogs. I’m going to keep getting good grades, doing well in school, enjoying my school, and accomplishing my goals. 

What advice would you give other students to help them have a successful school year? 

Focus on accomplishing your goals and be patient with them. Don’t have a fit if you don’t accomplish them right away. I also think the teachers here at Gillespie are perfect for you and can help you with your goals. 

If you could sum up Gillespie in one word, what would it be? 

Amazing. This school is amazing. I love this school. I’ve been here since I was three, and this school year is a great school year. 

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