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Seven Questions with a Phenomenal School Clerk at Stone Scholastic Academy

18 April 2024

Ms. Estrada has brightened a lot of lives within her school community. 

Ms. Estrada

Ms. Olga Estrada has brightened a lot of lives at Stone Scholastic Academy. Stone staff describe her as an integral part of the school community and the heart and soul of the school. She is known for always being on top of everything and going above and beyond to help her colleagues, as well as parents and students.

She joined the Stone community 11 years ago, starting as a bus monitor and then becoming a teche assistant, before becoming an assistant clerk. She credits Ms. Iris Calderon, who was the clerk when she started, with preparing her to succeed as a clerk. 

She sees the Stone community not only as great partners but also as a second family. Get to know her more below. 

What has kept you coming back to Stone year after year for 11 years? 

All of the students. I feel like the office is almost like another classroom, and you get to watch them grow and change. You also get really attached to all of the families. It’s definitely a sad moment when you realize that the last sibling is about to graduate and you won’t see a certain family at the school anymore. 

What qualities are most important to your role as a clerk? 

Organization and people skills. I definitely think that waitressing back in my college days helped me a lot with the customer service side of this job. You have to make sure that everyone is taken care of and that no one needs anything from you. 

What have you learned having been a clerk for so many years? 

I’ve certainly become more technology savvy. It’s great to be able to share documents electronically because I used to have long, handwritten lists. Being a school clerk is like being a student in a lot of ways. You are always learning something new. 

What are some of your favorite memories at Stone? 

I love to participate in school events. I was a big cheerleader back in the day, so I enjoy anything that gives me an opportunity to show off my school spirit. We have a great librarian who leads an activity where you dress up like the character of a book. One year, I went all out and dressed up like the Cat in the Hat from the Dr. Suess book! 

What are some of your current goals? 

I really like to help other clerks who are coming on board. My goal is to make sure that new clerks know that I am available if they have any questions or concerns. As CPS clerks, I feel like we are and should be a team. 

What advice would you give to a new clerk? 

Do all of your trainings, keep a little notebook that has the contact information of colleagues who can help you, and always ask questions.  Don’t forget to pay it forward and always help a fellow clerk when in need.  

What is your message to your fellow clerks? 

Even though our jobs are tough, it’s all worth it. Feeling the appreciation from our school communities makes our jobs so worthwhile.

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