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Celebrating National Occupational Therapist Month with Jasmine Brown-Hollie

30 April 2024

As an occupational therapist, Jasmine works hard to provide our students with services that enhance their educational, physiological, and psychosocial development. 

Occupational Therapist, Jasmine Brown-Hollie

In honor of National Occupational Therapist Month, we are excited to introduce you to Mrs. Jasmine Brown-Hollie. Jasmine has worked as an occupational therapist for six years, joining CPS this year while she works towards finishing her Ph.D. in Disability Studies. 

Jasmine’s CPS journey began long before this school year. Both her parents attended CPS schools, and Jasmine herself attended Carroll-Rosenwald Elementary School, Ashburn Community School, and Lindblom Math and Science Academy. 

As an occupational therapist for our schools, Jasmine draws on her prior experience and research to provide our students with services that enhance their educational, physiological, and psychosocial development. 

Her day typically consists of engaging in interactive and hands-on activities for students to work on their fine motor skills, such as cutting or practicing pre-writing symbols and handwriting and finding strategies and tools to support students' active participation in classroom activities. 

“Children with disabilities deserve the same education in life as everyone else,” says Jasmine. “Having them be included and feel important is essential for me because their disability doesn’t have to be a barrier. We just need to adjust the environment to support them.”

Jasmine has conducted research centered around school readiness for Black students with disabilities, specifically focusing on how their experience during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted their ability to focus and engage with their education. 

“The pandemic contributed to students’ challenges related to attention span and increased social-emotional concerns,” she says. “As a result, much of my work focuses on getting them reacquainted with the classroom and getting them used to the routines and expectations of school. This research  highlights the importance of taking the time to understand the whole context of the students that you are working with.”

Jasmine’s goals going into next school year include integrating herself more prominently into classrooms and finding ways to help teachers better engage with students who have a difficult time actively participating in day-to-day activities. 

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, Jasmine had this to say:

“It’s really the kids and just seeing their growth over the school year. Seeing the excitement on their faces when they complete something is what keeps me going.”

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