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My Experience as a Teach Chicago Tomorrow Scholar

22 February 2024

By Davidd Alvarez, 2023 Graduate of George Washington High School

Teach Chicago Tomorrow Student

When I was a freshman in high school, I developed an especially close bond with my English teacher. He was the first person who told me that I would make a great teacher someday. My counselor got word that I wanted to be a teacher and told me about the District’s Teach Chicago Tomorrow program. 

I was really involved at Washington, especially in sports, and that helped me become connected with a lot of the adults that were in the building. They were very relatable and helped me out when I needed it the most. That is part of the reason I wanted to become a teacher. I wanted to be able to give back to future students just like my teachers gave back to me.

I want to focus on physical education. I’m a very athletic person and am very passionate about staying healthy. However, I’ve learned that your health is much more than your physical health. It also includes your mental and emotional health. I believe that it’s important to teach students how to develop healthy routines so they are capable of reaching their full potential. Showing students how to be their best selves will help them make themselves better for society. 

As part of the Teach Chicago Tomorrow program, I’m currently in my freshman year at Olive-Harvey College. It’s been a smooth transition, but the one habit that I’m trying to break is procrastination. As long as I keep working on breaking that habit, I know that I will be setting myself up for success in future semesters, which will be important as my classes get more challenging. 

I need to stay on top of my game and take it even another level because it’s a different ballgame now. The foundation is definitely there. I’m connecting really well with my professors and my peers. I just need to keep giving it my all. 

Teach Chicago Tomorrow is a truly beautiful opportunity, because if it wasn’t for this program, I’d probably be going down this same path but without the support I am receiving. I’d have no one to connect with, no one to ask their opinion or hear their experiences to learn more about what it means to be a teacher. I would just be worried about my current classes with no thoughts about the future. 

This program keeps me focused on my ultimate goal. It’s a really great reminder of why I am committed to becoming a teacher in the first place. 

Teach Chicago Tomorrow allows you to become the person that you want to be. It’s a helping hand. It’s a big family. And it’s such a good guide. I feel inspired to accomplish the goals that will help me make a difference. 

Teach Chicago Tomorrow is the District’s innovative program to help CPS graduates become CPS teachers in just four years. Through partnerships with higher education partners, this program provides students with a structured pathway to help them reach their dream of becoming an educator. 

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