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Celebrating the Holidays at Kanoon Magnet Elementary School

18 January 2024

Kanoon's holiday celebration highlighted the school's deep focus on multiculturalism and multilingualism. 

Kanoon Students

Schools across Chicago had a fun and festive ending to the first semester through various holiday events, and the holiday celebration at Kanoon Magnet Elementary School in Little Village was among the best of them. This event gave the school’s pre-k through second-grade students an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer for their families and the Kanoon community as a whole. 

The school’s auditorium quickly filled up with families eagerly awaiting to see their students perform. Kanoon has a deep focus on multiculturalism and multilingualism, highlighted through its selection of both English and Spanish songs. 

“Our students’ faces just light up when they see their parents come through the door,” said Kanoon’s Principal Marin Gonzalez. “Their presence was their Christmas present to them, one of many I’m sure.” 

Principal Gonzalez and Assistant Principal Claudia Pineda, as well as Kanoon’s teachers and staff, did a phenomenal job organizing this event that helped every student shine. Read more about all of the performances below. 

DSC_0360 1.jpg

The celebration started with a performance from some of Kanoon’s students who are learning how to play the violin. The school offers violin as an extracurricular activity through a partnership it has with a Chicago-based law firm. Students wowed the audience by playing traditional holiday carols such as “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” 

DSC_0366 1.jpg

Next up were Kanoon’s pre-k students. They had a lot of fun singing “Mi Burrito Sabanero,” a fast-paced song about riding a donkey to Bethlehem, as well as “Dónde Esta Santa Claus?” which includes both English and Spanish lyrics. 

DSC_0370 1.jpg

Then it was time for the kindergarten students. They had amazing dance moves while singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and showed off their bilingual skills with “Navidad Rock,” a Spanish version of “Jingle Bell Rock.” 

DSC_0374 1.jpg

The first-graders brought a smile to everyone’s face by singing “Jingle Bells.” They also impressed the audience with their version of “Los Peces en el Río,” a traditional Spanish holiday song. 

DSC_0383 1.jpg

Finally, the second-grade students ended the celebration on a high note by singing “Campana Sobre Campana.” They also brought everyone joy with their creative dance moves while performing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” 

DSC_0396 (1).jpg

And there was one final treat left in store! Folkloric dance is another popular extracurricular activity at Kanoon, and students highlighted their culture by performing a variety of vibrant dances. 

This holiday celebration was an amazing way to end 2023 for the Kanoon school community. We know that amazing things are in store for its students, staff, and families in 2024. 

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