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Meet an Outstanding Member of the Morton Class of 2024

04 June 2024

Jakyla is known for her perseverance.


Meet Jakyla, a soon-to-be graduate at Morton School of Excellence, where she is loved and respected by her classmates and known for her perseverance. At school Jakyla loves English Language Arts and doing research in science class, and outside of school she loves doing nails and painting. After graduation, Jakyla will be heading to South Shore College Prep, specifically for their IB program. Congratulations, Jakyla! Get to know her more below.

Over the course of elementary school, how have you stayed the same and how have you changed?

I’m still funny, but I’m tall now!

What are some highlights from your time at Morton?

In middle school, we started doing SEL circles where we talked about our emotions. It created a supportive environment, and I got to connect more with my classmates and friends.

What lessons have you learned in elementary school?

Stay to yourself, and don’t worry about what other people are saying.

What is something you are proud of from your time at Morton?

I have been able to keep pushing through challenges. My mom passed away, and the support my classmates and teachers gave me during that hard time helped me a lot. They have encouraged me to be myself.

What are you most looking forward to in high school?

I’m excited about the IB program at South Shore because it’s a top program, as well as meeting new people. I also want to get involved at school—I’m interested in doing volleyball, cheer, and dance.

Do you have any advice for younger students?

Focus on your education, which is easier to do when you pick the right crowd. Watch who you hang around!

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