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Circulation and Distribution of Unauthorized Written Materials

Section 6-18

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No employee or other person shall circulate, permit to be circulated, distribute or exhibit, whether in written or electronic form on school grounds or at school-sponsored functions, any advertisements, circular, subscription list, invitation to or notice of meetings, any book, map or other article, or any other material of a commercial, political or sectarian nature, among the pupils, teachers, or other employees, except by approval of the principal, Chief of Schools, General Counsel, or the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) or their designees, setting forth the time, manner and place of the circulation or distribution. The provisions in this paragraph do not apply to nor in any way affect the sections of the collective bargaining agreement between the Board and the Chicago Teachers Union (“CTU”) pertaining to the CTU’s right to distribute information to its members. The publication or distribution of obscene or libelous materials which is published or distributed on school grounds by an employee shall constitute grounds for dismissal.

Union delegates or their designees may distribute union election materials of any employee candidates in employee mailboxes, before and after school hours, or during duty-free time. For the purposes of this Rule, teacher preparation periods are not duty-free time.

Distribution or circulation of written materials may take place in an appropriate time, place and manner authorized by the principal, Chief of Schools, General Counsel, CEO or their designees. Under no circumstances are the written materials to which this Rule applies to be distributed during class time except in employee lounges and other designated areas. Distributors of such materials may in no manner delay or detain students, teachers, or other employees while distributing their materials except as incidental thereto.

Research materials such as questionnaires, surveys, evaluation instruments and related data requests may not be distributed or circulated in schools except when authorized in accordance with the Board’s Research Study and Data Policy.

Local School Councils who wish to distribute questionnaire or survey materials in connection with their duties and responsibilities must have such materials approved as to legal form by the General Counsel or designee prior to distribution.

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