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Admission to Elementary School

Section 6-2

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All children residing in the City of Chicago are eligible, at the beginning of the school year, to enter kindergarten or first grade if they will have reached the age of five or six years, respectively, on or before September 1, with the following noted exceptions:

Children who will reach the age of six on or before December 31 may, at the beginning of the school year, enter first grade if the parent/legal guardian/temporary custodian presents satisfactory evidence that their child (i) attended a nonpublic preschool and continued their education at that school through kindergarten, (ii) was taught in kindergarten by an appropriately certified teacher and (iii) was assessed to be ready for first grade.

The principal of the elementary school in the attendance area in which the student resides shall require the parent/legal guardian/temporary custodian to present a birth certificate, baptismal record, or other satisfactory evidence of the date of birth. The parent/legal guardian/temporary custodian must also produce proof of residence and medical compliance. Lack of proof of residency for homeless students may not be used to exclude them from school. Homeless students must be enrolled in accordance with the Chicago Public Schools’ Policy and Procedures on Education of Homeless Children and Youth, 96-1120-PO3, as may be amended.

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