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Find supplemental information on last year’s cutoff scores, rubrics, tiers and more on our Resource page.

Scoring Rubrics

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Cut Scores

Cut Scores for 2024-25 Application cycle are in progress and will be published when available.


Updated Guides for the 2024-2025 Application cycle will be published when available.

Chicago Residency and Address Changes

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Your child does not have to be a resident of the city of Chicago in order to submit an application and participate in the selection process. However, your child must live in Chicago in order to enroll in and attend any Chicago public school. Proof of residency for the 2024-25 school year is required by July 1, 2024.

As you and your student prepare to wrap up 8th grade and make your final decisions about which high school to attend in the fall, please be sure to confirm that your student’s elementary school has the current address on file. The address listed in Aspen, the CPS Student Information System, is used to determine students’ neighborhood school for those that have not accepted a high school offer through GoCPS.

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