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Seven Excellent Years at C.E. Hughes Elementary School

09 December 2022

Micheal wants to be known as a student who is very hard-working and respectful.

Hughes Student Micheal

By Micheal L., Fifth-Grade Student at Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School 

If I had to describe my school in three words, I would pick excellent, amazing, and good. I have been a student at Hughes Elementary School in North Lawndale since kindergarten, and there are so many parts of the school that I enjoy. 

The staff is very caring, and the teachers are very hard-working. Everybody here is very dedicated to their job. And you can make friends here easily because everyone is so nice! 

Since I’ve been here for so many years, my school has watched me grow up. The Micheal that I was in kindergarten is not the same Micheal that I am now. In particular, I feel like I’ve definitely gotten more mature. 

When I was younger, I would get mad very easily over small things. But, now, I am much better at controlling my anger and other emotions. I haven’t needed to change who I am to become more mature; it has just happened naturally. 

This year, my focus is on being the best student I can be by doing all of my homework, having excellent behavior in the hallways, and being respectful to all of my teachers. Currently, my favorite subject is math because I like working with numbers and exploring different ways to solve a problem. 

At Hughes, I also enjoy P.E. class and working with computers and other technology in the classroom. Outside of school, I enjoy playing a violin app on my phone because I’ve wanted to gain more experience with musical instruments. I also like playing Splatoon and other video games on the weekend. 

One of my favorite memories at my school was receiving an award for perfect attendance in second grade. My attendance has always been important to me because if I miss something in school, I might not understand it the next day.

A board stating "You are a piece of the puzzle"

Since I still have a few more years of elementary school, I want to keep being a good student while also being a good role model for my peers. This year, I found a best friend in fifth grade. His name is Ky-Mani. 

We started talking and realized that we had a lot of things in common. We both enjoy playing soccer and Johnny Come Across, and math is our favorite subject. Right now, we’re learning about how to add decimals and fractions. 

My advice to other students would be to always try your best and study hard. If you don’t study and just guess, you won’t do as well as if you study. When you keep trying and stay motivated, you can accomplish your goals. 

I need to stay motivated as I work toward my goal of becoming a dermatologist. I want to help people with their skin because right now I have a little bit of acne. My own experience has inspired my potential future career. 

I also want to earn a degree in math because I know it will make my parents happy and my teachers proud. I’m going to keep studying hard to succeed in high school and in college. 

Before I head off to high school, I still have a few more years of elementary school. My experience at Hughes has been amazing, and I cannot wait to keep building relationships with my teachers and classmates. My teachers are all so excellent this year that I can’t even pick a favorite. 

I’m starting to think about what I want to be remembered for at this school after I graduate. I have a lot to be proud of, but I think that I want my legacy to include two things. I hope everyone thinks of me as a student who was very hard-working and respectful. 

Micheal’s final piece of advice to other students is to try to get your homework done as soon as you get home so you don’t have to worry about it later. You can learn more about Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School here.

Charles Evans Hughes Public School 

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