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Meet Kellogg Elementary’s Co-Valedictorians

07 June 2022

Both Anaya and Rani have been attending Kellogg for almost a decade and are graduating filled with positive memories.

Anaya and Rani

Anaya and Rani are leading the way for the Kellogg Elementary Class of 2022 as the school’s co-valedictorians. Both of them have been attending Kellogg for almost a decade and are graduating filled with positive memories and having developed close relationships with their teachers and peers. As they prepare to attend Jones College Prep and Northside College Prep next year, they know that their time at Kellogg has set them up for success in high school and for many years to come. Get to know both of them more below.

What are your interests both inside and outside of the classroom? 

Anaya: My favorite subject would have to be reading because I enjoy literature. Outside of school, I enjoy participating in volleyball—beach, indoor, club, and at school. I play middle hitter, which means I hit down the balls that are set to me. 

Rani: I really like language and literature, too. It’s really fun to read and see the differences between your thought processes and your classmates or even the author themself. When we were reading Flowers for Algernonwe had an interesting discussion about whether we would rather be smart and alone or unintelligent and happy. Outside of school, I like to draw and am also learning how to play the guitar. 

What have you become known for at Kellogg? 

Rani: I’m known for helping people because I try really hard to lift others up because I know I would want to be uplifted myself. I’ve been taught to help people when you can. 

Anaya: I think I’m known for overachieving and doing everything I can to make sure I turn in the best work. I know I can always do better so I am going to do my best.

photo of outside of school

How have you grown since you started at Kellogg in first grade? 

Anaya: My attitude is different because growing up teaches you different lessons and makes you realize how the outside world works. I think the thing that hasn’t changed is my sense of humor. 

Rani: I used to be very prideful and have learned to tone that down. Something that hasn’t changed is my love for drawing since I’ve been drawing for a long time. 

You aren’t the first people in your family to attend Kellogg, and how does it feel to carry on the tradition of being a Kellogg graduate? 

Rani: It’s kind of weird being the last student in my family here, but that encourages me to be the best that I can be and to keep things going. 

Anaya: I have a lot of pride that we’ve stayed committed to this school, and my family members have been able to give me advice about the “Kellogg Way.” I would describe that as being very nurturing and supportive by giving you resources to reach a certain goal. 

How are you feeling about being a co-valedictorian of the Kellogg Class of 2022?

Anaya: I feel proud of myself because I’ve worked hard and didn’t let the bad times get to me. My speech is going to be about moving forward and becoming someone new. 

Rani: Something that I want to talk about is that the hardships that you go through are so worth it because you’ll grow and have people around you to support you. You’re not doing it alone, so when you put that hard work in it never goes to waste. 

What’s your message to everyone who has been a part of your Kellogg experience? 

Rani: I wish the best for all of you. I hope you get somewhere in life, and you can always come talk to me if you want. 

Anaya: Thank you for making me into the person that I am today and educating me. I appreciate you, and you’re the best.

school sine outside Kellogg

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