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Recognizing Eight Outstanding Eighth-Graders from Dulles School of Excellence

09 June 2022

The Dulles School of Excellence Class of 2022 is ready to achieve great things.

Dulles School of Excellence Class of 2022

The Dulles School of Excellence Class of 2022 is ready to achieve great things! According to Ms. Wright, the school’s counselor, a group of female students has risen to the top of the class are have set a great example for their peers. Ms. Wright describes these girls as bringing a lot of joy and high spirits to the school, as well as leaders within the student body. They’ve even spent time mentoring younger students, and Ms. Wright hopes that future eighth-graders at Dulles can also become leaders and bring the same warmth and magic to the school. Get to know these students below. 


Meet Kymanie! Her passion inside the classroom is math, and she’s currently learning about fractions and percentages. Her favorite memory at Dulles took place in sixth grade when the school had an end-of-the-year celebration featuring bouncy houses and other activities. She is known to never give up when facing a challenge and to support others who she sees needing help. She’ll be attending Kenwood Academy in the fall.  Rayne

Meet Rayne! A teacher who has made a positive impact on her is Mr. Stafford, her science teacher. In his class, she recently dissected owl pellets to learn more about their diet. She’s known to be a social butterfly and will miss socializing with her friends the most next year, especially because she has been attending Dulles since first grade. She’s also known as a solution-oriented leader. She’ll be attending Lindblom Math and Science Academy next year. 


Meet Akylah! She has gotten straight As during her eighth-grade year and will be the school’s salutatorian. Outside of the classroom, she loves to draw. Inside the classroom, she is known for being focused and always bringing full effort to each one of her classes. She’s both excited and nervous about high school but is overall ready for the new experience and is planning to make friends by finding people with similar interests. She’ll be attending Kenwood Academy.

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Meet Nadia! She has only been attending Dulles for a few months after transferring from a school in Georgia, but she’s been doing her best to make the most of her time in eighth grade. She’s excited to begin high school, which she sees as the next step toward her overall goal of becoming an architect. Her teachers at Dulles have quickly gotten to know her as a student who is helpful and always willing to participate, qualities she will carry with her as well. 


Meet Kelis! She has been at Dulles since kindergarten, and while she still sees herself as a quiet person, she has certainly become more social. Her passion in the classroom is reading, and she also enjoys writing in her journal on a daily basis. She is known as a beacon of light at Dulles and a resilient advocate for herself and her peers. She’s also known as someone who is extremely dedicated to her education. She’ll be attending Englewood STEM High School next year. 


Meet Laila! Over the course of her eighth-grade year, she believes she has become more comfortable with who she is due to all the people who have hyped her up at Dulles. She is extremely excited about all the new experiences that high school will bring. She has been committed to academic growth and is known as a model citizen who makes her classroom and school a better place. She’ll be attending Muchin College Prep in the fall, where she hopes to get involved in drama. 


Meet Ny’Ziah! She has been at Dulles since kindergarten and has become known for her sense of humor and jokes by her teachers and peers alike. Outside of the classroom, she loves to dance, especially ballet. She believes her time at Dulles has been so great because of the staff members, especially her science teacher, Mr. Stafford, who she admires because of his calm and collected demeanor. She’ll be headed to Perspectives Leadership Academy next. 


Meet Leila! She is known for her infectious positivity and self-awareness. She’s been attending Dulles for nine years, and her journey includes a shift in her mentality and mindset that has led her to push herself to reach her full potential. She’s feeling a little nervous about high school, but she’s also excited to learn from ad alongside a new group of students with different backgrounds and lived experiences. She’s attending Hyde Park Academy in the fall.

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