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Two Members of the CPS Class of 2023 Highlight Their Transformative Experiences at Marsh Elementary School

02 June 2023

Noah and Miguel can proudly say that Marsh has changed them for the better.

Marsh Students

As they look back at their many years spent at Marsh Elementary School, both Noah and Miguel can proudly say that Marsh has changed them for the better. But their journeys have looked different. For Noah, elementary school has been about building resilience. Despite being faced with many challenges, he has still been determined to do his best both inside and outside of the classroom. 

And, for Miguel, the support of the staff at Marsh has helped him work on his behavior. He has made immense progress in just the past year, and he knows the social-emotional skills that he has developed in elementary school will benefit him in high school and beyond. 

Get to know more about both of these terrific students below. 

What are your interests academically and in terms of your extracurricular activities? 

Noah: At school, my favorite subjects are science and reading. In science, we’re currently learning about genes and other topics in biology. And a book I’ve read recently that I enjoyed was The Fault in Our Stars. Outside of school, I really like music and play the drums. 

Miguel: My favorite subject is math. We’ve been learning about slope and other parts of algebra. Outside of school, I’m really focused on the medical field because I want to become a nurse. 

What is an experience at Marsh that you know you will always remember? 

Miguel: One time, my friends and I decided that we didn’t want to go to our after-school programming, so we instead went to the school’s basement. A security guard quickly found us and sent us back upstairs. We didn’t get in trouble, but this experience reminds me of how much I’ve grown at Marsh and how I’ve become a more positive example. 

Noah: There isn’t one experience that comes to mind, but I know I’ll remember all the times that I hung out with my friends and just joked around. I’ve made some of my best friends through my peers and getting to know our mutual friends. 

DSC_0948 (1).jpg

How are you feeling about graduating from elementary school? 

Miguel: It makes me really sad, and even a bit teary sometimes, because I grew up with everyone at this school. The other students here are really nice and caring. I have some friends this year that I would have never imagined myself even talking to. 

Noah: I agree with Miguel, but I also think that moving on and starting a new beginning somewhere else can be exciting, too. 

What will you miss the most about Marsh? 

Noah: My teachers and friends. I have a lot of teachers who were great, especially Mr. Fischer, who taught science. He could be goofy while also serious when helping us learn. 

Miguel: The teachers here are easy to communicate with. For example, my math teacher is someone who I felt like I could be really open with. I know some students are scared to talk to their teachers about things, so it was great to have that relationship. 

How would you describe your growth at Marsh? 

Miguel: I’ve matured a lot. In seventh grade, I only thought about myself. This year, I put more effort into putting myself in other people’s shoes and understanding what they’ve been through. 

Noah: I also think I’ve matured and now consider other people’s feelings more. 

If you could sum up your experience at Marsh in one word, what would it be? 

Noah: I would say it was a roller coaster. There were a lot of ups and downs, but, now that we’re graduating, we can all set it to the side and look forward to the future. 

Miguel: Mysterious. I never thought that I would get to the point that I am now. My mindset last year and my mindset this year are completely different, and I’m so glad that I have taken these steps forward. 

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