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Celebrating Two Stellar Finkl Elementary Graduates

06 June 2023

Over the course of elementary school, Kaylee and Lucia have learned the importance of cultivating positive, supportive friendships.

Kaylee and Lucia standing in front of a heart-shaped mural

Meet Kaylee and Lucia, two friends and members of the William F. Finkl Academy Class of 2023. They are known for their tenacity and thoughtfulness, and over the course of elementary school they have learned the importance of cultivating supportive friendships. This fall, Kaylee will be heading to Saint Ignatius College Prep and Lucia will be attending Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. Learn more about them below!

What do you like doing outside of school?

Kaylee: I play basketball and volleyball, and I’m into art. One of my designs was picked to turn into a mural at school. I also help my parents cook all the time; they call me the seasoning queen. But my favorite thing to do is sleep.

Lucia: I love music, and I would like to start playing the guitar. I also like crafting — specifically building things. 

What are some highlights from your time at Finkl?

Kaylee: My friends. 

Lucia: I always loved the field trips. We had so much fun on the bus rides.

How have you changed over the course of elementary school?

Kaylee: I used to be shy, but I started to get really talkative as I got older. I had a hard time early in elementary school; I was the biggest crybaby ever. Everything got a lot better once I met Lucia and I found my true friends. I never wanted to be absent from school after that.

Lucia: Making friends also made a huge difference for me. I have been bullied before because I have crutches, but my friendships have really helped my mental health.

What are you looking forward to in high school?

Kaylee: Joining the basketball, volleyball, and track teams. I want to hear the announcer at a basketball game say my name before I’m about to play! I am also excited for art class.

Lucia: I’ll be going to a pretty big school, so I’m excited for all the new experiences I’m about to have and all the people I’m going to meet. I’m excited to start a new chapter.

Do you have any advice for younger students?

Kaylee and Lucia: Stand up for yourself, and form friendships with people who make you feel good and who are positive influences in your life.

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