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Get to Know an Exceptional Soon-to-Be Graduate from Manierre Elementary School

24 May 2023

Za'Kori is known as a student who is constantly trying to be a better person. 

Za'Kori and Ms. Thompson

Za’Kori has been a member of the Manierre Elementary School community since he was in kindergarten. Now that he’s an eighth-grader, he has just a few weeks left before he graduates from Manierre. But, even though he'll be headed off to high school, many members of the Manierre community will still remember him for years to come. He’s left an immensely positive impact on so many of his peers and adults in the building, such as his counselor, Ms. Montgomery, and his dean, Ms. Thompson. 

“Za’Kori is always attentive. He’s sweet. He’s kind. He’s very smart. He’s never gotten into trouble. He listens, and he wants to succeed,” said Ms. Thompson. “I’ve known Za’Kori for many years. I’ve seen him grow. I’ve seen his strengths. And I see him constantly trying to be a better person. He definitely is a leader in the school to me.” 

Get to know Za’Kori more below. 

What are your interests inside of the classroom? 

In terms of my interests, I enjoy science and reading because those are the subjects that I am good at. In science, I’m currently learning about force and motion. I’m also learning about kinetic energy, potential energy, and gravity. In reading, I’m working on looking through articles and stories to find the main idea. 

How would you describe Manierre to others? 

It has taught me well, and it has great teachers and students that you can learn with. Overall, it’s great. I especially like Ms. Dobrin, my math teacher, and math has been going well for me this year. 

DSC_0565 1 (1).jpg

What is your favorite memory of being a Manierre student? 

I will always remember when it was Halloween in kindergarten and my entire class and the teacher dressed up. I think that I dressed up as Batman. 

How are you feeling about graduating? 

I’m ready for high school, but I’ll miss talking to my friends and am sad about saying goodbye to all of the teachers. I am excited to learn new things in high school and especially pursue my interest in science. 

Where do you see yourself in the future? 

I’m trying to create my own company that has to do with robotics. I’m going to focus on this goal and try not to let the bad things get in my way. 

What advice would you give to a future eighth-grader? 

Stay focused and don’t let other people try to control you or tell you what to do. 

If you could describe your time at Manierre in one word, what would it be and why? 

Extraordinary. It was a long trip, and I had to go through my ups and downs. I think I did great on my journey and could definitely teach the students who will follow in my footsteps how to be successful.

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