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Getting to Know Two Soon-to-Be Graduates of Pilsen Academy

25 May 2023

Cecilia and Isaac are known as role models and true leaders in their school community.

 Pilsen ES Students; Cecilia and Isaac

Cecilia and Isaac, two soon-to-be graduates from Pilsen Academy, are known as role models and true leaders in their school community. As a member of the Student Voice Committee (SVC) and the Local School Council, Cecilia has used her voice and Latinx roots to promote positive change while demonstrating respect, kindness, and academic success. As another member of the SVC, Isaac has presented in front of school staff to promote equity and bring student input into classroom instruction. Both students look forward to attending Benito Juarez Community Academy, where Cecilia will be a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and Isaac a part of the Career and Technical Education Culinary Arts program. Learn more about them below. 

What are some of your favorite memories at Pilsen Academy? 

Isaac: When we visited Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. I liked being in the same room as her and getting to hear her talk about her experiences being in the same country as I was born, back in Puerto Rico. 

Cecilia: I think the upcoming field trip to Six Flags will be one of my favorite memories because we’ll have time to hang out with our friends and make new memories. 

How would your peers describe you? 

Isaac: I’d say funny, resourceful, creative, and intellectual. 

Cecilia: A lot of people tell me I’m very creative, fun, and positive, and that I’m a very good listener. 


What’s an assignment or project you’re most proud of? 

Isaac: In after-school programming, I worked on a project on food insecurity. We hosted a food drive to collect donations that went to the Pilsen Food Pantry to serve those in need. 

Cecilia: My community service project on the different types of abuse, like animal or physical abuse. We’re trying to get the abuse rates down, so we decided to work on posters to raise awareness with feedback from our counselor. 

What do you look forward to the most about attending high school this fall? 

Isaac: I’m looking forward to playing sports and the culinary program I’ll be in at Juarez. I’m also excited to advance my Spanish. 

Cecilia: I’m also looking forward to working on my Spanish, and I’m excited about homecoming, prom, and the adrenaline of getting to your class on your own. 


What are you considering as a potential future career? 

Isaac: I’ve been thinking about this, and it went from being an architect to a cook. Recently, I started thinking more deeply about this, and I’m considering becoming a bilingual teacher in a foreign country.  

Cecilia: What I’m considering for a future career is probably becoming a veterinarian or a professional soccer player. 

What advice would you give future eighth-graders at Pilsen Academy? 

Isaac: Keep going and keep pushing through even when the day seems difficult. Even with all the chaos in the classroom, you can always get something done. You can always connect with other students, and the student can always connect with the teacher. There’s always some deep bond created during your time in the classroom.

Cecilia: Do all your work, always listen to other people’s feelings, make new friends, and always respect the people around you.

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