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Anticipating an Awesome Third-Grade Year at Du Bois Elementary School

12 September 2023

These six third-graders highlight how our students are eager to support their peers and build strong relationships as they grow up. 

Du Bois Students

One of the best parts of elementary school is all the friends you make both inside and outside of the classroom. At Du Bois Elementary School on Chicago’s Far South Side, a group of six third-grade students sees their friendship with each other as one of the highlights of the new school year. Many of them have been friends since pre-k, and their bond emphasizes how our students are eager to support their peers and build strong relationships as they grow up. 

These six friends can’t believe they’re already in third grade and think this school year is off to an amazing start. While there are many differences from second grade, and they know that they will have to put in extra effort to succeed, they also know they are fully capable of reaching new heights. 

Get to know Liana, Serenity, London, Jream, Jamiyah, and Liberty (seated left to right in the photo above) more below. 

What are your interests both inside and outside of the classroom? 

Jamiyah: My favorite subject is math because it’s so much fun, and you learn so much about numbers. Outside of school, I like to be on the playground because there’s so much to do there. 

Liberty: Science is so fun. We make cool stuff. I like to be on the phone with my friends when I’m not at school. 

Serenity: Inside the classroom, I like math because it’s a lot easier than reading. Outside the classroom, I love playing with Liana and London. The three of us like to skate. 

Liana: Math is a lot of fun. Like Serenity said, I like to go to the park with her and go skating. 

Jream: I don’t think I have a favorite subject, but, when I’m home, I like skating with my baby brother. 

London: I like reading because I’m good at it. I like all books. Outside of school, I like going places with my cousin.

soaring to new height, sky is the limit

What are some of your favorite memories of being friends? 

London: We always like to draw together, and we’ve also made lip glosses. 

Jream: In pre-k, I saw London and she came up to me, and we sat by each other. We were a little bad back then, but we’re getting better. 

Liana: I used to cry because my brother would leave me in pre-k by myself, but my friends used to help me. 

Serenity: My favorite memory is going on field trips. We went on a field trip to Chinatown, and we were on the bus listening to music. Every time I tried to fall asleep on the bus, it would hit a big bump! 

Liberty: I think my favorite memory is just meeting all my friends. 

Jamiyah: On the bus, we all play together and talk to each other, and it is always a lot of fun. 

What are your goals for this school year? 

Jamiyah: My goals are to get straight As and do the best that I can. I’m going to listen to my teacher and pay attention. 

Liberty: I’m going to get good grades and not get in trouble this year. To do this, I’m going to spend my time with my friends and other people that I trust. 

Serenity: I want to learn new things, especially in history. I also want to express my feelings more. 

Liana: I want to get straight As and pass third grade by listening, being good, and not getting into any fights. 

Jream: My goal is to get all As and listen to my teacher.

London: I am going to get As and be good by being around my friends and other good people. 

If you could describe your time at Du Bois in one word, what would it be?

London: Great. This school is great and the people are great. 

Jream: Awesome because this school is so fun. We do all types of arts and crafts. We paint, make Play-Doh, and make slime. This school is just one big good memory. 

Liana: Fun and amazing, especially when we go on field trips.

Serenity: Awesome. This school is amazing. I’m happy to be here, and I never want to leave it. 

Liberty: Great, because school is all about being good. 

Jamiyah: Fun, because we always have a lot of fun at this school. 

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