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Highlighting an Awesome Soon-to-Be Graduate at Libby Elementary

05 June 2024

Jordynn is known for her resilience and bubbly personality.


Meet Jordynn, who is getting ready to graduate from Arthur A. Libby Elementary School! Jordynn has been at Libby for her entire educational career, and over the years she has built incredibly strong relationships with her peers and Libby staff. Jordynn is known for her resilience and bubbly personality, and she loves to encourage others and make sure they feel included. This fall, she will be headed to King College Prep. Get to know her more below!

What do you love doing inside and outside of the classroom?

I love science and its real-world applications. I also love reading, specifically because of my teacher Ms. Evans-Claytor and the way she communicates. I’ll read anything. Outside of school, I love dancing and acting, because I love the way performing makes me feel! I’ve always loved acting, and I like to do it any chance I get. I especially like doing funny characters and comedic acting. Dancing is great because you can interpret the dance and the music in so many different ways. 

What lessons have you learned in elementary school?

I’ve learned that certain things happen for a reason. For example, if you lose a friendship, it might be because you need time apart to grow and learn, and then you can come back together. I’ve also learned how to communicate better.

What is something you are proud of from your time at Libby?

I’m proud of the way that I’ve pushed forward, even after my dad passed when I was in fifth grade.

What are you most looking forward to in high school?

I’m excited to meet new people. I like being busy, so I want to get involved with everything, especially performing arts and cheer!

Do you have any advice for younger students?

Don’t hold on to certain things if they’re not helping you, and don’t focus so much on the past. You can’t change the past—what’s done is done. It’s much better to focus on the future.

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