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Getting to Know Three Outstanding Peterson Elementary Class of 2024 Graduates

06 June 2024

Ellie, William, and Jocelyn are known as resilient student leaders in their school community. 

Peterson ES Class of 2024 Graduates

Meet Ellie, William, and Jocelyn, three 8th-grade graduates from Peterson Elementary in North Park. In their school community, these three students are known as resilient student leaders who have each risen above their personal challenges. After graduation, both Ellie and Jocelyn will attend Mather High School, while William will attend Northside College Prep in the fall. Read more about them below!

What do you enjoy most about Peterson? 

Ellie: I like that Peterson is a very welcoming community. I definitely learned a lot about team building and getting along with others even if you’re not the closest of friends. 

William: I like how kind everyone is to each other, no matter who you are and where you came from.

Jocelyn: I like how they allow you to express your culture freely here. We have events to celebrate our different cultures with food, music, and fun activities. 

What do you enjoy doing outside the classroom? 

Ellie: I play an instrument; the bass. I really enjoy practicing a lot at home. 

William: I really enjoy drawing. 

Jocelyn: I really enjoy playing volleyball. 

What is something you look forward to attending high school in the fall? 

Ellie: I’m looking forward to trying out the school’s band. 

William: I’m looking forward to taking art and learning new ways to make it. 

Jocelyn: I’m looking forward to trying out for the volleyball team and working on court cases through the law program I’m in. 

What is a potential future career you're interested in? 

Ellie: I want to be a Guardian ad litem (GAL), which is basically a lawyer or legal advocate for children. 

William: I’m interested in something to do with helping animals. 

Jocelyn: I’m thinking of becoming a travel nurse. 

What advice would you give future 8th-graders at Peterson? 

Ellie: Try your best in class, but also make sure that you set aside enough time to actually enjoy yourself.

William: Try not to get stressed out with the amount of work and give it your best effort.

Jocelyn: Focus on your grades, be very wise with your friends, and have fun.

What final message would you like to leave for your school community? 

Ellie: I would like to say thank you to everyone for always making me feel welcome. 

William: I would thank everyone for just helping me along the way and making sure that I got things done.

Jocelyn: Thank you so much for making me feel welcome since kindergarten. I've never felt pressured or discriminated against, and I'm very thankful for that. 

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