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Spotlighting an Amazing Interventionist for Women’s History Month

22 March 2024

Ms. Davis has made many positive contributions within Chicago Public Schools. 

Finkl Interventionist

When Ms. Jacqueline Davis thinks about Women’s History Month, she is reminded of the contributions that women have made in our society and the achievements of women throughout history. She enjoys reading about women, particularly Black women, who fought against racism and sexism to create a better future for the women who would follow in their footsteps. She is glad to see that these women are being celebrated today, especially since many of them received little recognition at the time. 

Ms. Davis has made many positive contributions herself within Chicago Public Schools, serving as both a teacher and assistant principal, with some central office management roles in between. She jumped at the opportunity to serve as the interventionist at Finkl Academy and has made a big impact at the school in a short amount of time. Get to know her more below. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in education? 

My mother was also a CPS teacher. She truly gave her life to children, because she had eight kids of her own as well. Even with her as my mom, I didn’t realize how invested you have to be in this role, because you’re not only a teacher—you’re a mother, a best friend, and a confidant. Sometimes you become so embedded in your students’ lives that they view you as someone they respect more than anyone else.

School entry.jpg

How has this year been going in your role as an interventionist? 

I’ve been able to bring everything that I’ve learned from all of my roles in CPS to make Finkl one of the greatest schools on the Southwest Side of Chicago. I started with the school’s aesthetics to help get the word out, because when you drive by something or see something, its aesthetics help you perceive what it is or what it could be. I wanted to lead a shift to show that our school is welcome to anyone who is ready to learn.

What has been your approach to supporting Finkl’s diverse learners? 

One of the greatest things that I have brought to Finkl is Special Olympics, a partnership that CPS has had for years. Every Wednesday, our students participate in an activity, such as bowling, basketball, soccer, or track. We also created Cafe 216 to teach these students entrepreneurship. You can place an order, and then they will put their aprons on and wheel your coffee to you on a cart. 

Cafe 215 - Coffee delivery  9.01.04 AM.jpg

What are some of your other accomplishments as an interventionist? 

I’ve made a lot of progress with our curriculum. We are allowing our staff to partake in walkthroughs, and our instructional leadership team meetings are helping them see what our latest data is saying. This allows them to become more reflective than they have ever been before. 

What message would you like to share with Finkl students? 

Stay inspired. Stand strong in your conviction. And let education be the number one goal in your life to be successful.

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