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About the ARA

Get informed. Use it to act. Explore the latest data on public schools in Chicago.

What Is It?

The ARA is a series of reports providing information on CPS enrollment, student demographics, school quality, school choice, and program offerings from the current academic year. The purpose of each report is to ensure that both CPS leadership and citywide community members are working from the same set of information about schools and the communities they serve. The reports bring together publicly available data in one format, but do not make recommendations or action steps so they can serve as a neutral input to inform community engagement and joint solution development. This allows the district and communities to have a more substantive and focused dialogue on the needs of local schools and areas for improvement.

The ARA is directly connected to the district’s Five-Year Vision, as it allows us to promote integrity and transparency with communities and families while improving equity in our school offerings. CPS working collaboratively with communities based on this information will support the district’s mission of providing a high-quality public education for every child, in every neighborhood, that prepares each for success in college, career and civic life.

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What's In It?

The ARA is comprised of a district overview report and 16 regional reports aligned to the city planning department’s Chicago Neighborhoods Now initiative. The regions were created by the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development based on research on housing and jobs. They are defined with natural boundaries, such as rivers and railroads, in mind. These elements and transportation options are likely considerations for families in choosing schools. With the goal of utilizing a consistent structure year to year, these regions are more stable than city wards and school networks.

Each report has four sections:

01. Quality

Provides information on the school quality ratings of all schools in a region in the last four years.

02. Quantity

Provides information on public school student population trends and total available seats.

03. Choice

Provides information on whether students are choosing to attend school in their region (an indication of the availability of attractive options).

04. Variety

Provides information on the types of schools and programs offered.


CPS would like to thank Kids First Chicago for their continued partnership in producing the Annual Regional Analysis. Kids First Chicago (K1C) is an education nonprofit that works to ensure that every family and child in Chicago has access to a high-quality education. Their work focuses on empowering families to identify, navigate to, and advocate for quality public schools for their children and communities -- supported by facts. CPS' Planning and Data Management department works closely with K1C each year, utilizing their existing analytical framework and community engagement expertise to plan for and develop the ARA.