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Planning and Data Management (PDM)

Planning and Data Management (PDM) enables and supports district and network managers, school principals, city agencies, and community-based organizations by offering a variety of geographically-based school and student data management services.

Office of Planning and Data Management


42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60602

Much of our work involves analyzing multiple data sets, developing concise map documents and other data visualizations, and offering recommendations to various department managers, network chiefs, school based organizations, and other community stakeholders.

The Office is responsible for:

  • Annual Regional Analysis: The Annual Regional Analysis (ARA) supports CPS’s goal to provide every student with a high-quality education in every neighborhood by giving stakeholders a consistent array of information regarding school quality, enrollment patterns, school choice, and program offering by region. 
  • GIS Mapping and Demographic Data Analysis: We conduct sophisticated data analysis and geospatial mapping and visualization to inform enrollment trends across the district and help district leaders and principals plan for 
  • District Space Utilization: PDM tracks and reports on school building utilization rates for most district-managed elementary and high schools. For more information, visit the Facilities Standards page on our website.
  • Student Assignment Services: PDM manages the CPS School Locator, a helpful web mapping application that assists parents and students navigate the diverse landscape of schools CPS has to offer. 
  • Enrollment Forecasting: Each year, PDM conducts grade-by-grade enrollment forecasts for each school to help inform next year’s school budget allocation process.