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ARA Data Dashboard

ARA Data Dashboard

Understanding the ARA Data Dashboard

New for 2020-21, CPS is proud to introduce the first interactive Annual Regional Analysis data dashboard. This resource is designed to help users dive deeper into the data used in the ARA reports.

In each of the four ARA sections below, the data dashboard shares even more comprehensive data and allows users to select data filters that help answer critical questions about school quality, enrollment patterns, school choice, and program offerings.

Features include the ability for users to select specific student grade levels, race/ethnicity, and/or gender characteristics to filter data according to what they are most interested in exploring. Data can also be selected at the district, region, or community area (neighborhood) level to isolate information that is most relevant to where users live or students attend school.

Keep in mind, that while every effort has been made to present recent, relevant, and comprehensive data, COVID-19 has significantly impacted district data collection and assessment efforts. Where unclear, please refer to each section’s footnotes by hovering over the information icon (ℹ︎) to learn more.