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Positive Relationships a Key Part of the Culture at Madero Middle School

06 October 2023

Jazlyn G., Jazlyn C., Evelyn, and Allison are finding new ways to build their friendship with each other. 

Madero Students

Jazlyn G., Jazlyn C., Evelyn, and Allison (left to right in the photo above) say their friendship began right at the beginning of their sixth-grade year. They were all in the same class, so bonding came naturally, and they started hanging out shortly after that. This year, they aren’t in the same class anymore, but their friendships are still going strong. 

They note that even though they are in different classes, they’re not really that far apart. Their Madero experience has cultivated many positive qualities in them—they describe each other as loyal, kind, and generous—that keeps them close as seventh-graders. 

One of their favorite activities is being part of the school’s cadet corps. This program allows them to learn an instrument, such as the trombone or the drums, and participate in various parades and other events throughout the school year. It’s also another reason why these friends are still finding new ways to build their relationships with each other. 

Get to know the four of them more below. 

What are your interests both inside and outside of the classroom? 

Jazlyn C: I really enjoy reading. We’re currently reading The Circuit, which is about a child who immigrated to the U.S. This book showed me how hard it can be to get what you want. Outside of school, I like to play with my dogs. I have one pit bull and one miniature schnauzer. 

Evelyn: Inside the classroom, I like to hang out with my friends and get along with my teachers. This year, I’ve been getting to know my math teacher, and realized that we have a lot in common. After school, I really like to go on walks in the park. 

Jazlyn G: My favorite subject is math. Right now, we’re learning about scale factors. It’s been both easy and challenging. When I’m not at Madero, I like to go around the park in my skates. 

Allison: I also like reading and have enjoyed reading The Circuit. It’s about a family that doesn’t have much, so it makes me grateful for what I have. I enjoy being outside as well, especially when I get to skateboard. 

What are some of your favorite memories at Madero? 

Jazlyn G: When we hang out at recess, we always have a lot of funny things to say and funny videos to share with each other. 

Evelyn: We used to play Capture the Flag in gym, and we found everybody running around so funny. 

Jazlyn C: I also think Capture the Flag is probably my favorite memory. 

Allison: For the holidays, we did a White Elephant gift exchange that was a lot of fun.

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How has the school year been going so far? 

Jazlyn C: It’s been going great. I love all my teachers, especially my homeroom teacher because she is very energetic and fun to be around. This year, I want to get better grades, and I think I’m going to use my phone as a tracker to keep everything organized. 

Evelyn: I’m not used to being with different teachers and classmates, but I’m starting to get used to them. I’m trying to get straight As for the whole year. That might be difficult with science because sometimes I struggle to understand it, but my teacher always helps me. 

Jazlyn G: I’m happy that two of my teachers from sixth grade, Mr. Hernandez and Ms. Castillo, are still my teachers this year because I’m very comfortable with how they do things. I’m trying to get good grades this year by finishing all my work, even when it gets challenging. 

Allison: I still have to get used to my new schedule, but it’s been going well. My teachers are very nice and respectful. In addition to getting good grades, I know that I also need to take time for myself for my mental health. 

What advice would you give to other students? 

Jazlyn C: Try your best even when things get challenging. Don’t give up. Keep trying until you get it. 

Evelyn: If someone is mean to you, don’t listen to them and don’t let them get in your head. 

Allison: Try to be a better person than you were yesterday. 

Jazlyn G: Always try your best and see where it ends up taking you. You should also focus on making good memories.

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