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There is No Rooftop for Your Success

29 February 2024

By Matthew O., A Senior at Disney II Magnet High School

Disney II Student

My time at Disney II Magnet High School has been an amazing four-year journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. I’ve grown as a leader in so many ways, from how I communicate to my ability to be part of a team. I’ve also been able to make so many quality connections not only with my peers, but also with the teachers and staff at Disney. 

Joining clubs and other activities was key to helping me create these relationships. I was a part of Model United Nations, the National Honor Society, and the Senior Advisory Council. One of my favorite activities has been playing soccer, and I’ve also participated in many band performances. 

Soccer is a great example of how I’ve grown. When I started, all of the players were joking around and not taking it very seriously. Our coach put his foot down and told us that if we wanted to become better then we needed to put in the effort. That really inspired me to stay motivated and become more dedicated. 

One of my favorite memories will always be winning an extremely important soccer match 2-0. I was actually injured, but I still played through it because it was my final game. I had surgery afterward, and it went perfectly fine and I’m glad to be healing up. 

My time in the band has also brought a lot of great memories. I’ll always remember going to Whitney Young to compete against other schools. The room was so tense, and we were intimidated. Even our teacher was sweating! We played our hearts out and were named one of the top bands. 

And, of course, my most recent positive memory is learning that I would be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison next year as a Posse scholar. I was actually in my counselor’s room when I heard the news. That room has the most amazing view, and hearing the news while taking in the view made me speechless. 

I thought about how this news would be the next step to becoming a more impactful person for both myself and my family. I also thought about everyone who supported me throughout high school and how their support helped me get to that moment. 

As I look toward freshman year, I’m excited to bring my culture to my college and join new clubs that represent who I am. I’m looking forward to intramural soccer, and I also love botany so I’m hoping to join a botany club. I’ve been taking AP Research this year and have really enjoyed it, so I also hope to pursue some research opportunities alongside my professors. 

I’m pursuing mechanical engineering as a major, and I don’t want my learning to stop as an undergraduate. Years from now, I see myself still studying and hopefully pursuing a master’s degree or even a PhD. 

I know these ambitious goals are possible because my time at Disney has taught me that there is no rooftop for your success. There is more to our goals than simply reaching them. When you reach your goals, you can surpass them. This continual journey of improvement is how you discover your interests and truly find yourself. 

I would never trade my high school experience for anything because everyone here had such an impactful role in who I am. I’m excited that I will continue to develop and make me a better and better version of myself. 

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