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Overtime Premium Pay - Timekeeping – Public Accountability - No Compensatory Time Banks

Section 4-9

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The Chief Executive Officer or his/her designee shall designate all employee classifications and job titles as exempt or nonexempt in accordance with the United States Fair Labor Standards Act and the Illinois Minimum Wage Law.

  • Non-Exempt Positions. Employees who occupy non-exempt positions shall account for all hours worked on electronic timekeeping systems maintained by the Board, or alternative systems approved by the Chief Executive Officer or his/her designees. Non-exempt employees shall be paid for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours in a workweek in accordance with applicable law or as provided in applicable collective bargaining agreements.
  • Teachers. Teaching positions are exempt positions. Teachers shall be required to account for the hours that they are scheduled to be at the student attendance center and shall be required to use appropriate available accumulated sick or personal business benefit days for full or partial day absences.
  • Other Exempt Positions. Employees who occupy other exempt positions shall be required to account for their presence at work on each work day. Said employees must adhere to principles of public accountability, and may be docked for full days of absence. Other exempt employees shall also use accumulated sick, personal or vacation benefit time for full days of absence. Said employees shall not be required to use accumulated benefit time for partial days of absence.
  • Timekeeping. The Chief Executive Officer or his/her designee shall establish procedures for electronic timekeeping, which shall be the primary means for keeping employees’ time. Nothing in this Rule shall prevent the Chief Executive Officer, the General Counsel, a department head or supervisors from establishing additional or alternative timekeeping methods if operational needs require them.
  • No Banks of Compensatory Time In Lieu of Overtime. Non-exempt employees shall not accumulate compensatory time off in lieu of overtime.

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