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Sarah Weatherred

  • Sarah

    Teacher of Diverse Learners
    Socorro Sandoval Elementary

My story

My name is Sarah Weatherred. I teach special education at Socorro Sandoval Elementary. I grew up in the suburbs and had a very cookie-cutter experience while attending school. I am so thankful for my experiences and where I grew up but wanted to be apart of a movement of change. I believe every student regardless of where they live, SES, gender, race, etc. should receive a quality education to equip them for success.

Why I choose to engage in equity work

My "why" is due to my education upbringing. I was able to go to schools with all the material readily available, small student-teacher ratio, etc. I want to provide quality education to students of all races, gender, age, and demographics.

My equity challenge and how I work on it

My equity challenge involves students knowing at least one staff member at school that they can talk to and go to when they are having a problem or need advice or someone to confide in. I try to involve myself in different activities that take place before and after school. I coach soccer for Urban Initiatives and am also involved in Girls on the Run.

What sustains me when equity work stalls, how do I stay motivated when the work gets hard, and how do I push myself and others to advance equity

My students sustain me with the joy and happiness they bring me. They motivate me to keep working and encourage me to think differently and creatively.