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Office of Equity recognizes that we must take a multi-pronged approach to ensure educational equity in CPS.

Our programs are driven by our commitment to our students and colleagues—from improving learning experiences in the classroom to developing a diverse leadership pipeline for our district, the Office of Equity recognizes that we must take a multi-pronged approach to ensure educational equity in CPS. Featured here are two types of groups that partner with the Office of Equity—internal CPS groups and external partners. All partners demonstrate a shared commitment to our students.

Groups and Partners

  • Great Expectations Mentoring (GEM) Program

    A pipeline designed to advance African American male and Latinx male and female CPS educational leaders to the next stage of their careers.

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  • Student Voice and Activism Fellowship (SVAF)

    SVAF is a CPS youth leadership group with a mission to inform, shape, and strengthen the district’s commitment to elevate youth voice and build strong student-adult partnerships in decision making across all schools and district systems and structures. Students will develop a page documenting their equity work overtime.

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  • Instructional Equity Working Group (IEWG)

    A cross-disciplinary working group of teachers, principals, school support organizations, and researchers analyzing opportunity gaps in the district and recommending high-impact change ideas that drive educational equity throughout CPS.

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  • Transformative Teaching Cohort (TTC)

    The Transformative Teaching Cohort (TTC) honors teachers who consistently empower students to take control of their own learning and CREATE pathways for others across the Chicago Public Schools district to do the same.

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  • The National Equity Project (NEP)

    The National Equity Project (NEP) is a leadership and systems change organization committed to increasing the capacity of people to achieve thriving, self-determining, educated, and just communities. NEP influenced and inspired the drafting of the CPS Equity Framework.

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