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Equity CURVE

We ask that each person approaches equity work from the equity curve. The CPS Equity CURVE is about the individual. It is a tool for holding space to reflect on one’s disposition at that moment.

Equity Curve

Withhold judgment and be in a space of inquiry - be curious to gain a better understanding of an issue.
Work with a sense of urgency when championing the success of our students. We have to respond in a timely manner.
Acknowledge that this work can be difficult and requires resiliency.
Recognize that each of us may not know a solution, but we can be vulnerable to collectively learn and problem-solve together.
Build connection. Show empathy across differences, with someone who you think may not share your experiences.

Reflection questions

  • Which word from the Equity CURVE challenges you at this moment?
  • Which word in the Equity CURVE resonates with you?

Allow yourself the space to acknowledge your daily disposition. Select a key word from the curve and repeat it twice. The first time is to acknowledge our disposition. The second time is to ground ourselves.

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Chicago Public Schools

This downloadable PDF includes the Equity Framework and interactive worksheets.

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