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28 July 2022

CPS Equity Spectrum of Inclusive Partnerships

The Spectrum of Inclusive Partnerships is a tool to assist with transparency and trust around the level of participation of partners—those with institutional memory, those impacted by decisions, and those responsible for implementation - to set expectations, and to define the stakeholder’s role in design, decision, or communication processes.

CPS Equity Framework Spectrum of Inclusive Partnerships

This continuous improvement resource helps us get better at partnering with people most impacted by inequities to

  1. value and publicly acknowledge a diverse array of perspectives;
  2. engage in authentic and collaborative experiences and;
  3. recognize and prioritize communities’ and cultures’ solutions and ideas, which may have previously been ignored.

Although the tool appears linear, inclusive partnerships are flexible within a specific process stage and at different points in time. For example, a parent group that represents our least-served students could collaborate on decision-making at one stage and then be informed or consulted during the implementation of the subsequent plan.

Spectrum of Inclusive Partnerships [ English | Spanish ]

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