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16 November 2022

Building Familial Bonds at Deneen School of Excellence

The school year is off to a great start for Ms. Treadwell and her children Daniyah, Logan, and Kaden. 

11 November 2022

South Side Principal Reflects on His Military Service for Veterans Day

Principal Rucker says his military service instilled leadership, compassion, and dedication in him. 

11 November 2022

Take Five with Yolanda Powell: Special Education Teacher at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute

In honor of Veterans Day, meet Ms. Yolanda Powell — a 28-year military veteran and special education teacher and case worker at CPS.

09 November 2022

Bouchet Elementary Teacher’s Daughter is Now Also Her Student

Mrs. Chyba says that it is extremely special making memories as her daughter Alice's teacher. 

04 November 2022

Take Five with Fatima Cooke: Chief Equity, Engagement, and Strategy Officer

Fatima works to ensure all CPS students have the same opportunity for a high-quality education, no matter their background, zip code, or country of origin.

31 October 2022

Azuela Elementary’s Founding Principal Shares How She’s Created a Culture of Excellence

Principal Navarro has inspired her team at Azuela with her passion and tireless advocacy for her students for over a decade.

27 October 2022

Meet Three Outstanding Principals from Across the District

We're wishing a happy Principal Appreciation Month to these three principals—and all of our principals across the District. 

21 October 2022

Kelly High School Principal Shares his Lifelong Connection to the Brighton Park Community

Principal Magdaleno has been connected to the Kelly community since he became the school's soccer coach in 1999. 

19 October 2022

Starting off High School on a Hopeful Note

Fabiola is looking forward to learning more about who she wants to become in the future. 

14 October 2022

Smith Elementary Principal Ready to Take His School to the Next Level

Building bonds with students and families has been a key part of Principal Crockett’s approach to education since his first role within CPS.

11 October 2022

A Q&A With Members of the Corkery Elementary Cultural Celebrations Committee

Ms. Lopez and Ms. Devulapally share a passion for diversity and exposing students to different cultures. 

07 October 2022

Take Five with Miroslava Mejia Krug: Chief Financial Officer

Miroslava has a passion for mission-driven work because she wants to use her skills to make a positive change in society.