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06 September 2023

Bilingual Teacher Uses Her Unique Perspective to Inspire Her Students

Mrs. Garcia-Saldana has created a classroom environment where everyone feels like they belong. 

01 September 2023

Take Five with Norma Seledon: Title I District Manager

The most rewarding part of Norma's work is being able to engage with CPS parents.

31 August 2023

Veteran CPS Principal Outlines His Formula for a Successful School Year

Principal Dowdell always views education as his number one priority. 

25 August 2023

Take Five with Donella Carter: Principal of Gregory Elementary

Principal Carter is passionate about fostering a culture of shared leadership in her school community.

24 August 2023

Celebrating an Outstanding Safe Passage Field Supervisor

Mr. Williams is known for his enthusiastic attitude and positivity. 

11 August 2023

Preparing for High School through a Summer of Algebra

Jacob has gotten a head start on a successful high school experience. 

10 August 2023

Wrapping Up a Successful Summer at Beasley Academic Center

Caliyah's passion for dance is helping her develop into a leader at her school. 

31 July 2023

Latest Chicago Roadmap Impact Report Highlights Continued Progress to Improve College and Career Readiness

This year’s report was the most data-driven report yet, highlighting successes across every level of the Roadmap.

14 June 2023

Fiske Elementary School Graduate Closes Out Her Nine Years at the School as Valedictorian

Ja'Mya believes that dedication and motivation are essential for achieving your goals. 

08 June 2023

James Ward Elementary School Valedictorian Commended as a Role Model for Their Peers

Michelle is known as a natural leader and an exceptional student. 

07 June 2023

Dirksen Elementary School Graduate Shares Her Passion for Writing

Iasna encourages future graduates to make the most of their time in elementary school. 

06 June 2023

Celebrating Two Stellar Finkl Elementary Graduates

Over the course of elementary school, Kaylee and Lucia have learned the importance of cultivating positive, supportive friendships.