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09 November 2023

Take Five with Susumu Uchiyama: Commandant at Air Force Academy High School

Lt. Col. Uchiyama's experience as a veteran impacts his career as an educator in many ways.

08 November 2023

G.R. Clark Elementary School Educator Shares Her Goals for Her Pre-K Student

Ms. Herrera wants her son Ariel to experience a tight-knit school with a deep sense of community. 

07 November 2023

Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy Celebrates Book-o-ween

Students were encouraged to wear costumes inspired by a character from one of their favorite books. 

03 November 2023

Take Five with Dawn Ramos: Principal of Edward Tilden Career Academy High School

Principal Ramos, one of the District's 2023 Principal Game Changers, is best known for being student-centered and community-driven.

02 November 2023

Terrific Staff at Colemon Academy Keeps Both Students and Parents Engaged

Mrs. Fox and Mrs. Jackson appreciate that their children are taken care of so well by their colleagues. 

01 November 2023

How One Family’s Connection to Their Neighborhood Elementary School Spans Multiple Generations

Sisters Louise and Cece and their mom, Ms. Tess Haskins, have accumulated a variety of positive memories at Sutherland. 

27 October 2023

Take Five with Maricela Torres: Principal of ​Peter Cooper Dual Language Academy

As a school leader, Principal Torres is known for being positive, supportive, collaborative, and an excellent listener.

26 October 2023

Johnson College Prep Principal Shares His Approach to Accelerating Learning

Principal Cleaves has implemented systems that encourage students to be more responsible for their own learning.

24 October 2023

Monarcas Academy Principal Shares His Keys to Transforming a School

Principal Arriaga believes strong teams and parental engagement are key to making progress. 

20 October 2023

Ashe Elementary School Principal Highlights the Power of Distributed Leadership

Principal King shares that distributed leadership makes his job less stressful and more sustainable. 

20 October 2023

Take Five with Stephanie Anderson, Principal of Vaughn Occupational High School

Principal Anderson's personal story is a celebration of both Principal Appreciation Month and Disability Employment Awareness Month.

19 October 2023

New Principal at Oglesby Elementary School Off to a Fantastic Start

Principal Coleman is relentless in making sure her students have what they need to be successful.