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24 February 2023

Building the Confidence to Follow my Passions

By Keirra W., Senior at Roosevelt High School

24 February 2023

Take Five with Norman Fleming: Chief Information Officer

Chief Fleming loves working with technology because there’s always something new to learn.

23 February 2023

New Mozart Elementary School Counselor Shares a Few Highlights from Her First Year

Ms. LaMaka's main goal is to support students’ social-emotional needs and push them to dream big. 

22 February 2023

Celebrating Crossing Guard Appreciation Month

Miss Terry is a great example of how crossing guards positively impact their school communities. 

17 February 2023

Take Five with Principal Rashad Talley at Phillips High School

Principal Talley wanted to become a school leader because of his desire to make an impact on a larger scale, as well as encouragement he received from mentors who told him that he had leadership potential.

17 February 2023

How to Build a School Counseling Program from the Ground Up

Ms. Daley finds solving challenges through her role as a counselor extremely rewarding. 

15 February 2023

Beloved Darwin Elementary School Counselor Shares Her Core Values

Ms. Drake explains that her transition to serving elementary school students was inspired by her role as a new mom. 

10 February 2023

Take Five with Elizabeth Lee Ortiz: School Counselor at Byrne Elementary

As a counselor, Ms. Ortiz is passionate about facilitating restorative conversations among students.

10 February 2023

Highlighting the Impact of a Counselor at Wentworth Elementary School

Dr. Haynie is known for her tenacity and ability to navigate a challenge. 

09 February 2023

Harvard Elementary School Counselor Outlines the Reasons He Loves His Job

Mr. Sanders believes his most important role is that of a confidant that students can rely on. 

08 February 2023

New Special Education Teacher at Hay ES Describes How to Create a Welcoming Classroom Environment

Ms. Ramirez is focusing on three things as a new teacher: flexibility, patience, and not making assumptions. 

07 February 2023

Bogan Senior Shares Her Advice for Having a Positive High School Experience

Brianna wants other students to remember to keep an open mind for who they are going to become.