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Instructional Resources

We support CPS educators by creating tools and resources to be used in arts instruction, curriculum, and assessment. These resources have been created in collaboration with exemplary arts educators across the district in order to provide the most relevant, practical supports.


  • Cora Hearn: Shapes and Dreams

    Cora Hearn: Shapes and Dreams Learn More

    Standards Toolkit

    This suite of tools and resources is designed to support CPS teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders as they work to align their curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the updated Standards and provide outstanding, rigorous arts education to students across the district.

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  • Reyna Zapata: Reyna+Zapata+2

    Reyna Zapata: Reyna+Zapata+2 Learn More

    Arts Integration Toolkit

    The CPS Department of Arts Education defines arts integration as an educational approach in which an artistic discipline (or disciplines) and another academic subject (or subjects) are combined for the teaching and learning of content knowledge and skills.

    These resources are designed to help arts teachers, non-arts teachers, and administrators understand and implement effective arts integration practices in their schools.

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  • Nicole Mulla: Happiness

    Nicole Mulla: Happiness Learn More

    Arts & Tech Resources

    The Department of Arts Education team is curating ever-growing collections of tutorials, templates, and other resources to support arts teachers who would like to incorporate CPS-approved technology platforms and applications into their arts lessons and units.

    To help you find relevant material quickly, we’ve organized our collections into the five disciplines, Visual Arts, Music/Sound Design, Dance, Theatre, and Media Arts. There is a “General” collection that holds material that might be useful for multiple disciplines.

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  • Alexandra Serafin: Train Passing By

    Alexandra Serafin: Train Passing By Learn More

    Arts Addendum

    The Arts Addendum to the CPS Framework For Teaching was created to share how important and unique aspects of arts teaching practice in music, visual arts, theatre, and dance align with the CPS Framework for Teaching. School administrators and Arts educators should review this document prior to and during the REACH pre‐observation conference, observation, and post‐observation conference to review specific information about arts practice.

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  • Gianna Giammona: Koi Pond

    Gianna Giammona: Koi Pond Learn More

    Arts Instruction Specialists

    The Department of Arts Education has made it a strategic priority to increase peer-to-peer learning and deeply involve the district’s exemplary arts teachers in the development of quality instructional supports.

    To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a cohort of Arts Instruction Specialists—outstanding CPS arts teachers with expert-level disciplinary knowledge and instructional skill who collaborate with the Department on the development and delivery of arts professional learning and instructional resources.

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