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Arts Funding Information

Searching for funding opportunities to supplement your school’s allotted budget for the arts? Here you’ll find information about how to access grant money for arts programming, supplies, and equipment.

Resources and Programs

  • Arts Essentials Funding

    Arts Essentials funding provides $1,000 to all schools that have completed the annual Creative Schools Survey and have an active Arts Liaison. This money can be used toward materials, equipment, and supplies for arts classrooms.

    Learn more about Arts Essentials

  • The Creative Schools Fund

    The Creative Schools Fund is a grant-making partnership between Ingenuity, the Department of Arts Education, and the Chicago Mayor’s Office to support the expansion of arts education in schools. $10,000 grants are available to qualifying schools.

    Learn more about the Creative Schools Fund

  • Other Arts Funding Resources

    Browse useful links to organizations that provide arts funding as well as free and cheap arts supplies and equipment.

    Browse Other Arts Funding Resources

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