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Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher

In each CPS Fine & Performing Arts School, the Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher (MCLT) is an arts teacher who serves as a teacher leader in arts education, arts integration, and arts advocacy in their school. It is expected that the MCLT serve on school leadership teams to integrate the arts throughout the school and the core curriculum. MCLTs are designated by their school administrators.

Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher Responsibilities

In each CPS Fine & Performing Arts school, the Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher:

  • monitors school progress and success based on the Fine & Performing Arts School Standards for Success.
  • attends all required Fine & Performing Arts School professional learning.
  • shares and leads transfer of best practices from Fine & Performing Arts professional learning to their building team.
  • collaborates with team members regularly to ensure the development of strong curriculum integration.
  • supports CIWP planning and alignment with programmatic designation.

Want additional information about the Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher position? Download the MCLT Role and Responsibilities Information.

Professional Learning for Fine & Performing Arts School Staff

Every school year, Magnet Cluster Lead Teachers and other Fine & Performing Arts School staff can receive clock hours (CPDUs) at the following professional learning events:

  • Program Focus Professional Learning: Convergent professional learning across all schools with a Program Focus (including F/PA, STE(A)M, Personalized Learning, MGIBAP). This year Program Focus professional learning opportunities include the Creating Conditions for Success Series and the Student Learning Experience PLC.
  • Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher Meetings: Quarterly meetings for Fine & Performing Arts School MCLTs to connect across schools, reflect on learning and application of learning from Program Focus PL together with a focus on arts programming, share best practice with one another, and to inform program implementation.

Learn more about Professional Learning

Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit contains all resources distributed or mentioned at Fine & Performing Arts Schools professional learning sessions.

Access the MCLT Toolkit

Administrators: Designate Your Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher!

Principals and administrators at Fine & Performing Arts Schools: Has your Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher changed? If so, please fill out this brief designation form. Keeping your MCLT information up-to-date ensures that your school receives important information pertinent to Fine and Performing Arts Schools throughout the school year.

More About Fine & Performing Arts Schools

Fine & Performing Arts Schools value and utilize the arts as a primary vehicle for teaching and learning in their communities. These schools cultivate artistic literacy in every learner through authentic, high-quality, standards-based arts education experiences and by purposefully integrating arts education pedagogies and creative processes with other core content areas. They  provide students with consistent access to in-school arts experiences in multiple disciplines taught by certified arts instructors, as well as high-quality out-of-school arts experiences provided by arts instructors and/or arts partners. Finally, they ensure an arts-rich environment for students and staff alike by implementing the Fine & Performing Arts School Standards for Success across the school community.

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