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Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher

The Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher (MCLT) is the main point of contact at the Fine and Performing Arts (FPA) School. The MCLT acts as a liaison between the local school community and the Department of Arts Education (DAE). The MCLT supports arts education and integration best practices and helps the Arts Leadership Team (ALT) monitor the implementation of the Standards for Success. The MCLT acts as an advocate for the arts within the building. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Leads (or distributes leadership) for quarterly arts professional learning (PL) at local school
  • Attends FPA and DAE PL and transfers best practices back to local school
  • Serves as point of contact for the FPA School Program and distributes any communication from the FPA to the local school
  • Supports arts integration and arts education best practices throughout the school community
  • Monitors implementation of the Standards of Success through their role on the ALT

Recommended Responsibilities:

  • Acts as the leader of the ALT
  • Sits on the ILT and/or the PPLC
  • Serves as a coach for instructional staff when appropriate
  • Coordinates grant applications through the DAE

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Full-time arts teacher, or another teacher who practices arts-integration
  • Interest in growing professional leadership skills
  • Knowledge of change management strategies
  • An openness to implementing arts education and integration best practices in their classroom and in the school community

MCLT Designation Process:

All Fine & Performing Arts Schools must designate a Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher (MCLT) to serve as a teacher-leader for your program. This individual must be designated yearly and be employed full-time at your school. 

Fill out this form to designate your MCLT:

Magnet Cluster Lead Teacher Handbook

This handbook contains all resources distributed or mentioned at Fine & Performing Arts Schools professional learning sessions, as well as a detailed list of the role & responsibilities

Access the MCLT handbook

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